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by DC MacVean
from Aeromodeller
26in span
Tags: IC F/F Floatplane
:) all formers complete

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Skip. FF gull-winged seaplane, for Bambi power. Quote: "A Novel Gull-Wing for Bambi and Pee-Wee Engines. Skip, by DC MacVean. Shoeburyness, near Southend, Essex, has its own answer to the flying ground problem in the form of miles of sand which are exposed for some five hours when the tide is out. This provides ideal conditions for modellers who want to operate flying boats, as the shallow waters left as the tide recedes, make ROW and subsequent recoveries possible for all agile persons. 'Skip' has been designed to take advantage of these conditions. Stability on landing, and protection to engine were considered of prime importance and these are provided in the twin float layout and Gull wing which in the event of nose-overs, supports the model with engine above the sands. Powered in the original by a DC Bambi, which supplies adequate power for flying, a Pee Wee installation is included for any one wanting ROW performance. A plug in land-plane under carriage is optional and the model is stable without an undercarriage at all. Cut out sides to lines shown on plans, marking former positions and fixing 1/16 sq strip to near of F3. Cut out formers marking position of wing tongue on F3, and fitting engine 'plate' support to F2. Cement formers F2, 3 and 4 to fuselage sides, keeping top of fuselage sides level. Add remaining formers and engine bearer plate. Ply wing tongues are fitted next, set to the slope angles as marked on F3 and bearing on top of fuselage sides for alignment. Run cement fillets to secure tongues. Next, construct the undercarriage tongue box..." Update 03/11/2018: Added article, thanks to RFJ.



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