1/2A P-51D Mustang






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1/2A P-51D Mustang  
by Fred Reese
from RCMplans (ref:645)
June 1976
36in span
Tags: Scale IC R/C LowWing Military Fighter
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Submission date: 10/12/2013
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1/2A P-51D Mustang. Radio control sport scale model. Quote: "Fred Reese's sport scale Mustang, in either the World War II fighter or racing configuration is the most realistic Half-A ship published to date. In the performance category it is virtually unsurpassed. Needless to say, the age of 1/2A RC is really upon us. Half-A racing has demonstrated the capabilities and has given the modeler the experience to get reliable performance from small engines. We can now look beyond racing to high performance sport planes with more realistic appearance. Naturally, the P-51 with its streamlined look and perfect proportions for modeling, was my first choice for a Stand-Off Scale model. I decided, initially, that the model must look right, even after the concessions to available accessories. The plans presented here are the third re-design; each time subtle changes were made to make the model look better. At this time five P-51's have been built and are currently flying. Performance of all of the models has been outstanding. I was a little apprehensive of the first flight of my detailed military version, but I needn't have been. It flew out of my hand easily with only a touch of aileron trim needed to level it out. With regard to performance, the P-51, like the 1/2A racers, needs a good engine or performance may be disappointing. I don't mean it needs a 'super engine' - a custom or hopped-up mill. All of our flying has been done with new, out of the box, Cox TD .049's, Cox Racing Fuel and stock 6/3 gray Cox props. Running without pressure, these engine consistently turn 18,000 rpm or more. If your engine is old or tired, rebuild it or get a new engine. Many older engines can be brought back to life by removing the varnish from the cylinder with 000 steel wool. This should be done after every third or fourth flying session to maintain maximum performance. High performance engines with or with- out throttles (no power loss), are available from Joe Klause, owner of Kustom Kraftsmanship, P.O. Box 2699, Laguna Hills, California 92653. Joe is the new owner of the Dale Kim line of Cox Accessories. The customized engine with the Kirn needle is available for $24.95 or $27.95 with a pressurized backplate and enlarged venturi. The customized engine with RC speed control is $29.95 for either the TD .049 or .051. The best part of all of this is that we have been really having fun with the little P-51' s as they look authentic and really fly well. A pint of fuel is enough for an afternoon flying session and the airplanes can be flown almost anywhere. Construction. Wing: The wing is made using traditional constrution techniques and built flat on the plan. The airfoil changes from root to tip, increasing in percentage thickness and, at the same time, moving the high point of the airfoil forwards at the tips..." Direct submission to Outerzone.



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