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by Jim Fullarton
from Aeromodeller
July 1951
39in span
Tags: IC F/F Pusher
:) all formers complete

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Ascender - Canard pusher sport model. From the July 1951 Aeromodeller comes the Ascender by Australian expert Jim Fullarton. A canard for 0.75 to 1.5 cc motors. Quote from article intro: - "THIS design started back in 1944, when the disclosure of such types as the Miles 'Libellula' and the Curtiss 'Ascender' inspired me to attempt a semi-scale prototype for a canard lightplane. Two different designs were built before the 'Bee' version, which has been lost in a creek for some months, placed second at our Nationals, and is still going strong, attracting great interest and causing much amusement at every appearance. CONSTRUCTION is quite simple, but weight distribution needs to be watched, trying to keep the rear end as light as possible. Fuselage construction follows the usual practice, and must be extra strong, as a nose down landing with so much weight aft sets up severe stresses. Double cement all those joints!". This is a modern redrawn plan in PDFvector format.



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