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by JG Trinder
from Aeromodeller
September 1958
48in span
Tags: IC F/F LowWing
:) all formers complete

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Mudhopper. Low wing sports FF power model for .75cc-1cc motors. Allbon Merlin shown. From September 1958 Aeromodeller. Quote: "Try this tough 48-inch low-wing design for .75 - 1 cc and enjoy hours of trouble-free flying. Mudhopper, by John Trinder. FOR SOME YEARS it has been apparent at various rallies that the majority of aeromodellers fight shy of low wing models. It is said that they are unstable and difficult to trim. The original Mudhopper, a somewhat functional design with constant chord wings and tailplane was built to prove that this need not necessarily be so. Moderate dihedral, coupled with a low CG and not too much power was sufficient to ensure stability and with these points in mind, the design was tidied up to produce the latest version presented here. Since the local flying field is rough moorland dotted with bushes and ringed with trees, a canal and factory areas, the construction of the model is somewhat robust and this has paid off on two occasions, when flights have ended in spiral dives following displacement of the tailplane from its keying. No damage resulted at all. The design incorporates torsion sprung undercarriage legs, and plug-in wings. The entire fuselage is covered with 1/32 in sheet which enables a good finish to be obtained as well as making it fairly fingerproof. The total weight of the original is 21-1/2 oz and it has an ancient ED Bee up front. This provides ample power to take the model up in wide gently climbing circles. Assemble the basic fuselage sides over the plane, one on top of the other and allow to set. Before separating with razor blade, cut hole for wing tongue box. Place sides upside down over the plan and join together with 3/32 in square spacers and F9. Glue bearers to ply formers F3 and F4, bolting the engine into place before the assembly has set to ensure a good fit..." Update 03/11/2018: Added article, thanks to RFJ.



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