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Arrow Active MkII  
by EH Norman
from Aeromodeller
April 1958
36in span
Tags: Scale IC F/F Biplane Racer Civil
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Arrow Active II - Scale model of the little-known pre-war acrobatic racer biplane. For 1cc power. Detailed scale plan with rib for rib construction and folding wings for storage as per the original. Quote: "This delightful silver biplane which collected prizes for Flt Lt Norman at the RAF Championships and All Britain Rallies last season is one of the prettiest models we have ever seen. The full-size Arrow Active Mk II was developed from an earlier version which has a solid centre pylon carrying the upper wing. Designed by AC Thornton who also designed the famous Blackburn Bluebird, it was flown in the Kings Cup for 1932 (unplaced) and in 1933 (5th) by Flying Officer HH Leach. The diminutive span (by British standards) of 24ft and generous power developed by a DH III gave it a top speed of 145 mph and it is very pleasing to note that in spite of its age, it is currently being renovated at Croydon. Hopes are high that it still be seen at the 1958 Aerobatic Contests and Air Races. The model has a fairly high wing loading and does therefore need a minimum of 1cc power. Displaying inherent stability with offsets and surface angles as detailed on the plan, it is the perfect scale subject for the perfectionist. As will be seen in the photos here, the original model duplicates the full-size ability to fold its wings for storage and construction is virtually rib for rib, and lace for lace on the fabric-covered area of the fuselage. Only deviation from scale is in the tail area which has been increased; again for the perfectionist we have provided precise scale tailplane details, so that those with the ability to trim out the difficulties incurred by the smaller tailplane can be satisfied with a perfect scale model. Fuselage construction is based on a horizontal crutch and the multiple scale-like stringers provide a high degree of strength. The original model has a nose cowl made from glass fibre and despite the prangs during the initial trimming stages, finding out details for the plan opposite, it survived everything with hardly a scratch. Colour scheme is all silver with dark blue trimming and registration and the arrow trade mark printed above should be duplicated on either side of the fuselage." Update 15/06/2016: article page, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ. Update 09/10/2018: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy thanks to DBHL, theshadow. Scan from DBHL, cleanup by theshadow. ref DBHL-6369. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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