Extra 300S 60






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Extra 300S 60  
by N Liptak, M Cross
from Great Planes (ref:EXT6)
64in span
Tags: Scale IC R/C Civil
? formers unchecked

Submission date: 11/03/2019
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Credit*: AlanSinclair
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Extra 300S 60. Radio control sport-scale model, for 60 power. Discontinued kit from Great Planes. Quote: "Congratulations on purchasing the Great Planes Extra 300S. We've selected the 'S' because we feel it looks the best and it is truly meant to perform aerobatics. Among a few versions of the Extra 300 out there, another popular one is the 'L' which accommodates two passengers - one student and one flight instructor. The Extra is a rather 'square shaped' airplane with well defined lines. Coincidentally, this makes it exceptionally easy to build and cover - especially for a semi-scale sport model. Framing the model is very straightforward as most of the structure features interlocking balsa and lite-ply. The turtle deck sheeting may look a little intimidating but in actuality it is quite easy to apply if you follow the instructions and use the template provided to cut the sheeting. Flying the Extra 300S is a thrilling experience - as it should be for such an aerobatic model! It doesn't take much elevator or aileron throw to put the Extra through its paces. When you have a feel for your Extra 300S, the throws can be increased to high rates (illustrated in the instructions) to really showcase the aerobatic potential. The Extra performs surprisingly well on a ball bearinged, Schnuerle ported .61, and even better with a .91 4-stroke, but seasoned experts will surely want to get the most out of the Extra by strapping on a .91 2-stroke or a 1.20 4-stroke. We hope you enjoy building and flying your Great Planes Extra 300S as much as we did flying the prototypes. Precautions. 1. Build the model according to the plans and instructions. Do not alter or modify the model, as doing so may result in an unsafe or unflyable model. In a few cases the plans and instructions may differ slightly from the photos. In those instances the plans and written instructions should be considered as correct..." The manual is available for download from the Great Planes site at http://greatplanes.com/manuals/discontinued.php Direct submission to Outerzone. Note CAD file is thanks to AlanSinclair. Quote: "Hello... the Great Planes Extra 300s plans were extracted and converted from the instruction manual I did not redraw them, though they were re-scaled to the correct size. The DXF file does includes all the formers and ribs, which I did have to redraw... Thank you, Alan."



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