Saturnian Space Skimmer






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Saturnian Space Skimmer  
by Roy Clough
from Air Trails
August 1955
11in span
Tags: IC C/L
:) all formers complete

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Saturnian Space Skimmer. Unorthodox control line sport model. for 1/2A power. Quote: "This ultra-weird and flashy U-control looks like it just zoomed out of the pages of a science-fiction magazine. A startling eye-catcher, our vane-winged dreamboat has a lot to recommend it besides its unusual looks. It is easy to build, easy to fly and never breaks a prop. Odd as it may seem, lift is excellent despite the unusual fore and aft arrangement of the lifting surfaces This permits a very good glide and nice handling charactestics. The huge dorsal and ventral fins which flare forth so rakishly are not just decorative, they're functional. They provide lift to hold the model out when flown near the vertical, an idea we may see adapted to future stunt jobs. The construction, although specialized to fit the unusual geometry, is quite ordinary in method. Start with the cabin or pod. which is built up on the plywood cross beam. This may be covered with 1/32 sheet balsa, or stiff tag stock. Take particular care with the engine installation since the thrust and surface incident lines must be parallel. We used a Space Bug Jr, running backwards. A left-hand Wasp would also do the trick, or the ambitious could carve a left-hand prop for any .049. Regardless of the engine used, note that the tank, if integral, must be arranged so the fuel will feed properly. Generally this will mean running the engine on its side with plastic lines attached to the filler and vent and brought above fuel level. Make up the wing vanes, joined at the rear with the stabilizer and elevator and stiffened with the long fins. Note how the joint goes together between the cross beam and the wing vanes, stiffened by the projection of the long fins. Use plenty of cement and give it plenty of time to dry. Check the thrust line against the wing plane and add the struts next. The control system hardly requires explanation, except to note that unlike most models, your Skimmer has no lead-out wire. The control lines attach directly to the control quadrant. A wheel landing gear may be added if desired, We built one into the original in order to locate the correct placement for those who wanted a wheel. However, there is a lot to be said in favor of flying the model hand-launched or with a U-Reely, and it looks even more 'unearthly' without it. Much of the charm of this model is its color scheme, the flasher, the better."



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