Silver Patrol






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Silver Patrol  
by Ian HV Hayes
from Aeromodeller
December 1947
60in span
Tags: Glider F/F
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 31/12/2018
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Credit*: Circlip, RFJ
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Silver Patrol. High performance sailplane. Free flight towline glider. Wingspan 60 in, wing area 270 sq in. Quote: "THE 'Silver Patrol' was designed with the intention of trying out a higher wing loading than average. The first rate performance achieved fully justified the experiment, Silver Patrol having a very low sinking speed and very stable flight characteristics. The model needs very little explanation from the constructional side. However, one or two points concerning the methods used may be of some interest. Fuselage: No subsidiary jigs were used, the formers , being cemented direct to the master stringers and then lined up with two planks of 3/8 x 3/32 in balsa. Do not forget to add any inaccessible details before finally completing the planking. Wing: To sheet in leading edges of wings, purchase a dozen or so clips of the 'Bulldog' type, about 1-1/4 in long, and use these to clip the sheeting on to the spars as you go along. They produce a very good finish. When using washed-out tracing linen for covering, do not be worried if it fails to tighten after several coats of dope. The dope would appear to produce an atmosphere saturated with solvent, inside the wing. (As well as outside.) This may take as long as a week to dry out, and tautening is therefore delayed for this period. A wing covered with this material is very strong and not unduly heavy. The model should be balanced with the trim weight in the central position. " Silver Patrol, Aeromodeller, December 1947. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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