White Lightning






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White Lightning  
by George Murphy
from Model Airplane News
November 1963
12in span
Tags: IC C/L
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Submission date: 19/11/2018
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White Lightning. 1/2A Speed control line model, for Atwood Shriek .049 engine. Quote: "Designed Specifically as a Trainer, our little Half-a Speedster is the Best way we know to Get Started in this Business Control-line Speed Flying. White Lightning, by George A Murphy. The 1/2A version of 'White Lighting' is a scaled down of its Class C counterpart. The idea of a 1/2A size came about as an aid to members of the local club who wanted to break into speed flying, but on a small scale. Using the two line system and a pen bladder tank, and 10% more ether in the fuel mix, the model will turn an easy 90 miles per hour. Use of hardwood in the construction makes for an extremely durable model. Original model has survived flying by many junior members. Youngest that has presently flown the model is a ten year old. Only difficulty experienced is in getting the budding speed flyer to turn fast enough. So if you know someone who wants to break into speed flying, the White Lightning should fill the bill. Ease of construction and low maintenance make for more flying time. For the experienced flyer, try using Mono-line, and pressurized Cox .049 and a 4-1/2 x 7 prop. This was tried out on a later version but the mortality rate of the model was too high. So, if you are interested in trying speed flying, let's get started. Construction is very simple, and anyone who has built even the simplest model will have very little trouble. Elevator and Stabilizer: We start at this point for the benefit of modelers who haven't had too much ex-perience in working with hardwoods. Cut stabilizer from 1/16 plywood, and sand to the elliptical shape shown in the stabilizer airfoil..." Direct submission to Outerzone.



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