Flying Wing






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Flying Wing  
by Dennis Tapsfield
from RCMplans (ref:1258)
September 1998
44in span
Tags: Electric R/C
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Flying Wing. Radio control sport model. Quote: "Need Something Different And Exciting, But Don't Have A Lot Of Time Or Money? Why Not Try This Electric-Powered Flying Wing. By Dennis Tapsfield. This is not intended to be a scale model; it is however, a look-alike based on some pictures I had of a full-sized aircraft called a Facet Opal. I wanted to build something different and decided on electric power since I can fly in a number of places locally where internal combustion engines are not permitted. It is inexpensive to build, using a very basic 540 'buggy' motor selling for very low prices, which turns a 7x5 APC propeller at 11,000 rpm on seven sub C 1400 or 1700 SCR cells. No sophisticated charging system is needed and the use of standard servos and rx avoids the need of miniature radio gear. The one thing you may need is a 250 or 300 mA rx battery. The model is lightly loaded at around 13 oz per square foot, and is quite fast, aerobatic, and real fun to fly. It has no fancy reflex wing section and is easy to build. lf you intend hand-launching it, there is no real need for rudders or landing gear, since it flies very well on elevons and motor control only, but the plans do show both. Some experience with small fast models is advisable before flying this baby! If you are keen to build one, here's the way to go: First, cut a rib template from 1/16 ply to ensure accuracy; I usually push a couple of dressmaking pins through close to each end of the template so that the points protrude about 1/16 in; the points will prevent the template from moving on the balsa while cutting the ribs out. Next, cover the wing plan with waxed paper and pin down the 1/4 x 1/4 in lower spar and the rib shim where shown on the plans to hold the ribs in line and level... "



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