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by W Lister
from Model Aircraft (ref:352)
August 1961
58in span
Tags: IC R/C Cabin
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 15/10/2018
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Credit*: Circlip, RFJ
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Pika. Radio control sport model. Quote: "A rudder only radio model for 2.5 - 33 cc motors. Pika, by W Lister. THIS model was designed to out perform any model in its competition class, whilst, at the same time, providing a rugged trainer for the radio novice, by using slightly less rudder movement. This latter point should be stressed, as I have found that the degree of rudder movement makes all the difference with this model. On no account should the novice use full rudder movement - he would find it rather like walking the garden fence in hob nailed boots with the same chance of success! However, if the actuating rod linkage is moved from the top hole in the ED multi servo arm, to its lowest position, then there is sufficient rudder movement to both keep him out of trouble and not get him into it. PVA glue is recommended for use throughout the construction, as it is sufficiently slow setting for large areas of shoeing to be carried out comfortably, but dries quite fast enough for normal needs. It is very good for gluing hard-woods, is oil proof and only shrinks slightly on drying. Fuselage. The two side frames are built from strong pliable 3/16 in sq, directly over one another on the plan. While these dry out, the engine bearer assembly with formers F1 and F2 is constructed, great care being taken to ensure accuracy as, if the above are accurate, the fuselage must end up 'square' and well aligned. The side frames are lifted from the plan and their stern blocks chamfered to fit the 1/16 in ply sternpost and rudder centrepiece, which should, at this stage, be hinged with thread. The side frames are now fixed to the nose assembly and allowed to dry out; F3 is then added and the sternpost, followed by F4..." Pika, Model Aircraft, August 1961. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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