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Little Vagabond  
by GWW Harris
from Aeromodeller
March 1945
45in span
Tags: IC F/F Cabin
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Little Vagabond. Free flight gas cabin model. The original Little Vagabond plan 45in span from Aeromodeller March 1945. Reprinted in Jan 1992. Quote: "THIS 'plane, built by my father, was designed for any 2 cc petrol engine. The chief aims of the design were: Ease of construction and low flying speed allied with a high degree of stability. As there is so little reserve of power available from these power units no special effort was made to design a showy or elaborate machine; however, it is quite a fascinating model both on the ground and in the air. In still air the model unsticks after a take-off run of about 20 ft; with a breeze this distance is decreased, of course, though personally I like to see these midgets taking their time about getting off the deck and climb steadily rather than watch them leap into the air and give rocket without a stick exhibitions. The construction is quite straightforward and it is well within the abilities of rubber-driven 'plane fans to build it. For the benefit of those who have not yet built a petrol job but who would like to build 'Little Vagabond,' the following points should help. 1. Be sure you understand your engine before you fit it in the model. 2. Shellac all woodwork in immediate vicinity of the engine as a protection against petrol and oil. 3. Solder all electrical connections. 4. The original model carries a small accumulator for ignition, although booster battery connections are provided they have never been used. It is well worth having at least two accumulators for the machine, plus a large one to keep them charged. 5. Bind the undercarriage in place with thread to the cross struts and longerons, using a fish or casein glue; fit the appropriate webs laSt. 6. The airscrew shown may not suit all 2 cc engines but it can be used as a guide. Remember there is no surplus power available for badly carved props. 7. Double cover the fuselage with jap tissue and apply two coats of dope. The main planes and tail unit are covered with a single covering of jap tissue; apply one coat of dope. 8. Fit a light but efficient timer. " Update 09/11/2018: Added article, thanks to RFJ.



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