Electric RTP Flying



Electric RTP Flying
by Peter Bullivant
from MAP
56 pages

Complete. Interesting book covering 1970s methods of flying indoor RTP electric models. Electric Round The Pole flying explained at length with lots of useful diagrams and photographs, notes on DC motors, circuits, power sources, speed controllers and the design and construction of a sturdy central pylon. Also includes 4 plans: the Wild Wasp, Voltswagon, DH 88 Comet twin racer, and the Chilton DW1a.


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Chapter 1 - Electric Round the Pole Flying - a new idea?
Chapter 2 - Setting up the ELECTRICS
Chapter 3 - Choosing the MOTOR
Chapter 4 - Installing the MOTOR
Chapter 5 - Fitting the PROPELLER
Chapter 6 - What can be flown?
Chapter 7 - R.T.P. Progress in the Clubs
Chapter 8 - Appendix 1. Building the Voltswagon
Chapter 9 - Appendix 2. Building the Wild Wasp
Chapter 10 - Appendix 3. Electric R.T.P. Manoeuvres contest
Chapter 11 - Appendix 4. Flying Scale Kits suitable for conversion.


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