Chapter 0


Chapter 0

Foreward by WC Northrop

Where were you when I needed you the most? - That's the thought that will go through your mind, if you are an accomplished modeler, as you leaf through the pages of this book and observe the beautifully executed full size plans... the carefully detailed and photographed step-by-step instructions on building, covering, and finishing... and the artfully contrived recommendations on how to trim and fly.

If you are not yet an accomplished modeler, but hope to improve your skills, let us hope this work comes to you in that period of time which is recalled above. Should that be the case, you are extremely fortunate. If, on the other hand, you have passed that early stage, it is not... and is really never... too late to be intrigued by the possibility of picking up some yet undiscovered tricks of the trade, such as; completely covering a round, compound curved fuselage with only two pieces of wet tissue!

But... we're getting away from the main subject of the book; twelve beautiful WWII rubber powered scale model projects, with building instructions and full size plans.

Modelers who are known the world over for their ability to design, build, and fly free flight scale models, were especially commissioned to create the scale models published herein. Each was assigned one or more particular airplanes from WWII to model at 1/2" = 1" scale. They were specifically instructed to stay as close as possible to the proportions of the real airplane, in outline and detail, yet at the same time, were to make whatever slight changes would be required to permit the models to fly well... without further deviations being required. After all, that was the object... flying rubber powered scale models.

All of the airplanes in this book were built and test flown prior to publication. In many instances, we were fortunate in obtaining photos of the models in actual flight. In all cases, there are photos of the uncovered structure, which will be of assistance during construction.

With each plan, the designer has provided a layout of sheet balsa parts which may be transferred directly to stock sizes of wood, and cut out. We would suggest obtaining an extra copy of the book so that you may cut out the plans and parts sheets, and still have a complete, unharmed copy to preserve. The plans have been arranged so that continued portions of wings and fuselages are not back-to-back.

World War II brought about the rapid development of military aircraft, and the designs offered here represent the cream, and nearly the last, of the propeller driven fighter era.

There are other great eras in aviation history that can be modeled with the same attention to outline and detail.

Perhaps... one of these days...

Wm. C. Northrop, Jr.


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