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Christmas Capers


December is well underway. My kids have opened half the doors on their advent calendars, there's a touch of snow in the air, and it's starting to feel quite Christmassy. Joost sent us this snowy photo of his Mini Robot oz7025 yesterday, and it prompted a discussion about how Outerzone could get into the festive spirit. Sadly, we can't add a frame of frosted holly leaves to the homepage (Steve would have my guts for garters!) but then the Christmas fairy waved her sparkling wand and something else occurred to me instead.

Mini Robot in the snow, by Joost

I recently added the December 1955 issue of Model Aircraft to RCLibrary, and came across various special seasonal features: a Christmas story, crossword puzzle, quiz, etc. I thought it would be fun to share some of these with you, specifically the crossword and the quiz. What better way to fill a few hours on a long winter evening - when it's too cold to go to the workshop and too dark for the flying field - than answering arcane questions about ancient aircraft?! You can download the Christmas Crossword Puzzle and Christmas Model Quiz as pdfs to print out. The quality isn't brilliant: I lack Steve's silky cleaning skills. I will add the answers in a few days time - I don't want to encourage cheating!

If you'd like to read the Christmas story (A Christmas Caper by L. Ranson), or see the puzzles in their original context, which will also give you early access to the answers, you can download the full magazine from RCLibrary.

I'm now on a hunt for more vintage seasonal celebrations. I'll share any treasures I unearth in a future post. And if any of you want to join the party, you're cordially invited to email your festive material to me at I'll put everything into a cracker of a post and add it just before Christmas.

Christmas Greetings 1955, thanks to Pit

This is the first in a series of occasional blog posts from me. Christmas was the prompt to set this up, and I'm not really sure where future posts will take us. Guess we'll all have to wait and see. (In my head, the working title for this section is "The Model Wife". I think it's hilarious, Steve is not so sure!)