First, TagMatrixSearch is (still) under test. Be aware, there will be bugs.

Ok. Each plan has tags. This page lets you search all the plans, all at once, by the combinations of tag they have (or don't have).

Click on the little squares to set each one to the colour: green, grey or red. This sets how your search results will either show, ignore(don't care), or hide plans that have each tag.


Example 1

Let's say you really like the Cessna Bird Dog, and want to try and find similar plans for models similar in style to that. You have no idea what the titles of these plans will be, so you can't do a keyword search for Title. But you do know the tags. You know it's scale, it's a military plane, it's not a fighter, not a bomber, not a biplane, etc...

So, you need to do something like: set the results to display only plans that aren't CL, aren't Jetex, aren't Biplane, are Scale, are Military, aren't Fighter, aren't Bomber...

Step by step: (this example is from 3rd June 2011 when there were 1,151 plans in total)

  1. Do a reset. Results = 13
  2. Set Parasol to Dontcare. Results = 473
  3. Set Scale to Show. Results = 678
  4. Set Military to Show. Results = 328
  5. Set Fighter to Hide. Results = 122
  6. Set Bomber to Hide. Results = 66
  7. Set Biplane to Hide. Results = 52
  8. Set Floatplane to Hide. Results = 48
  9. Set Trainer to Hide. Results = 38
  10. Set Jetex to Hide. Results = 35
  11. Set Multi to Hide. Results = 33

Ok, we could go on further, but now you have a results page full of juicy plan thumbnails that are exactly the kind of thing you're interested in. You've eliminated 1118 plans that you don't want, and have got 33 left worthy of good careful examination.

That leaves you with a page that includes interesting plans - amongst the 33 plans left are: the Auster AOP, Curtiss Scout, Douglas J10 Observation, Fieseler Storch, Lysander, Piper L-4 Grasshopper, Stinson Sentinel, Vultee Vigilant... you get the idea.

...hmm, ok that was a rubbish explanation. I know.



You can ignore this setting if you don't care what span the plans are. Default setting is to show all plans. But if you are only interested in, say, plans that have a span of under 48in, you can set the upper limit to 50, and then all larger plans will be hidden. Likewise you can also set the the lower limit to 30in, and then your results will only show plans between 30 and 50 inch span. All smaller or larger plans will be hidden.

Click reset to return to default setting.


Date (year)

You can ignore this setting if you don't care what year the plans is from. Default setting is to show all plans. But if you only want to see, say, plans that date from 1940 or before, you can set the upper limit to 1940, and then all later plans will be hidden.

Be aware that many plans in the database have no date because that information is missing, so using this option will exclude and ignore about 1,000 plans which have no confirmed date. Also, be aware that many plans are modern drawings of earlier vintage plans. So the date shown is usually the date of the drawing, not the date of the original model design.

Click reset to return to default setting.



Your search settings are held in a cookie. Click the Reset button to clear the cookie, and start again with default values.