Cleaning Tags

Cleaning tags system added Jan 2016.

This system is designed to avoid duplication of work, when people are cleaning up plans. Currently there is no user login (but that's coming soon) so as of now if you are about to start cleaning some plans just e-mail to let us know the ID numbers of those plans, and we will immediately tag them for you. This means everyone else can see they are under revision. Tags have a date stamp, and last for 2 weeks. Tagged plans will display a friendly warning message to all users, on download.

Below is a list of all the plans currently tagged for cleaning. You can check here to avoid doing the same work as other plan cleaners. Any plan that appears in the list below is a bad choice to start work on, right now.


Listing all plans currently tagged for cleaning.

Title # User Date
1912 Blackburn Monoplane   4772       
Achilles   1808       
Pteranodon   1961       

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