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We collect and share plans of vintage and old-timer flying model airplanes. For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since 2011. No need to login, just grab and go.

Thanks to you all, there are now 11,267 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us!


Latest Plans

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A2-X3 (oz11624) by Jim Horton from Flying Models  1959 grey_line

A2-X3 (oz11624)

by Jim Horton
from Flying Models
July 1959 
62in span
Glider F/F

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Fun Scale Spitfire (oz11623) by Mark Smith from Dynaflite grey_line

Fun Scale Spitfire (oz11623)

by Mark Smith
from Dynaflite
81in span
Scale IC R/C

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Russian D-1 Fighter (oz11622) by Elmer Pilzer from Model Airplane News 1934 grey_line

Russian D-1 Fighter (oz11622)

by Elmer Pilzer
from Model Airplane News
June 1934 
24in span
Scale Rubber F/F

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Baldur (oz11621) from Robbe 1960 grey_line

Baldur (oz11621)

from Robbe
41in span
Glider F/F

Plan Details
Skylark 56 (oz11620) from Carl Goldberg grey_line

Skylark 56 (oz11620)

from Carl Goldberg
56in span

Plan Details
Avia B-534 (oz11619) by Zdenek Raska grey_line

Avia B-534 (oz11619)

by Zdenek Raska
25in span
Scale Rubber CO2 F/F

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Heinkel He 70 (oz11618) by HFA Schelhasse from CJE Volckmann 1937 grey_line

Heinkel He 70 (oz11618)

by HFA Schelhasse
from CJE Volckmann
35in span
Scale Rubber F/F

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Type D-02 (oz11617) from Sports Aeriens grey_line

Type D-02 (oz11617)

from Sports Aeriens
41in span
Glider F/F

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Worcraft Winner (oz11616) from Worcraft Products 1947 grey_line

Worcraft Winner (oz11616)

from Worcraft Products
20in span
Rubber F/F

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Cricri (oz11615) by Frank Curzon 1978 grey_line

Cricri (oz11615)

by Frank Curzon
March 1978 
49in span
Scale IC R/C

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Whirlwind PSS (oz11614) by Neil McHardy from Radio Modeller 1990 grey_line

Whirlwind PSS (oz11614)

by Neil McHardy
from Radio Modeller
June 1990 
58in span
Scale Glider R/C

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Eastbourne Monoplane (oz11613) by Peter Rake 2009 grey_line

Eastbourne Monoplane (oz11613)

by Peter Rake
14in span
Scale Electric R/C

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Model Photo Gallery

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Classmate (oz604) from RobReynolds
Classmate (oz604) from RobReynolds
Classmate (oz604) from RobReynolds
Classmate (oz604) from RobReynolds
Wisp (oz1211) from rudder
Wisp (oz1211) from rudder
Wisp (oz1211) from MarcoAGuillermo
Wisp (oz1211) from MarcoAGuillermo

Latest Comments

The bill of materials at top near the legend says the model requires balsa sheets in a certain number in 1/16", 3/32" and 3/16" thicknesses. You're right, the vertical tails - and what pretty curves they are! - are not specified...
Miguel : Sugarfoot : 15/10/2019

Beautiful work, there. Many thanks for the photos.
SteveWMD : Scram x 1.3 : 15/10/2019

Hi, a couple of photos of my Scram 1.3, powered by an Enya 80-fc [modelpic and pics 005-009]. An excellent floater, can by flown very slowly. Weight is about 4 kg. Cheers,
Dietmar Langenohl : Scram x 1.3 : 15/10/2019

I can find no mention of the thickness of the fins on this model, has anyone built it or knows of the thickness for these items?
T Hughes : Sugarfoot : 15/10/2019

Powered by Webra 40, 10"x6" prop, Minivox silencer . RC: Graupner Varioprop, two yellow micro 05, two standard linear, grey 2,4 V....
Reinhard Lehmann : Maxi : 14/10/2019

Here are two more photos for plan #oz11584 [more pics 003, 004].
DavidWWood : Shark XV : 14/10/2019

Here are three renditions of the Harpoon stunter [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. The original was covered in neon pink Ultrakote so was labeled "Cotton Candy". Doc Holliday kept the pink theme going. The prettiest one yet is Robin...
Bill Ervin : Harpoon : 14/10/2019

Here come some images of my Eastbourne 1911 built 2014 [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. Some data: span 900mm, weight total with Lipo 2200mAh 2S= 620g, motor Emax 140W, 4 channels. I remember that the fuselage was weak behind the...
OweCarlson_Sweden : Eastbourne Monoplane : 14/10/2019

Here is an ok pic of the original decals for the kit [more pics 004]. Balsa covers part of the sheet but it's obvious what they all look like.
TomD : PAA Master : 14/10/2019

Good afternoon Mary, I hope you had a good holiday. Photos of Pacific Ace (oz863) from your plan [more pics 011-013]. You probably have enough already of this one. Really good flyer and good looking as well.
Thanks . Very best regards,
Trevor : Pacific Ace : 14/10/2019

This plan of the Skylark is, as correctly stated, just an update of the original kit of the early 60s. No twin version plans which is a pity. It was printed on the back side of the plan of the first production run of the kit.
Eduardo : Skylark 56 : 14/10/2019

Hello, this picture [more pics 004] has been taken in May or early June 1975, just after maiden flight! Greetings from Germany,
Reinhard Lehmann : Maxi : 14/10/2019

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Latest Site Updates

15/10/2019 : PlanID=10796 : Fokker Eindecker by Nick Ziroli from Nick Ziroli Models : Added kit review from Flying Models, February 1983, thanks to RFJ.

15/10/2019 : PlanID=2102 : Little Herbie by Merv Robinson from Australian Model Hobbies : Added article, thanks to perttime.

14/10/2019 : PlanID=6900 : Loening C-2 Air Yacht by Thomas L Bulger from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

13/10/2019 : PlanID=4460 : Fokker DVIII from Veron : Added kit review from Radio Modeller, March 1973, thanks to RFJ.

13/10/2019 : PlanID=11186 : Morane Saulnier AI by Peter Rake from Flying Scale Models : Added article from Flying Scale Models, August 2009, thanks to RFJ.

13/10/2019 : PlanID=5214 : Siren C-30 Edelweiss from Robbe : Added kit review from RCM&E, September 1978, thanks to RFJ.

13/10/2019 : PlanID=6295 : Ultra Sport 1000 by Jim Feldmann from RCMplans : Added kit review from Flying Models, July 1994, thanks to RFJ.

13/10/2019 : PlanID=1842 : Skylark 56 by Carl Goldberg from Carl Goldberg : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to bobn. Derived from the same raw scan, but this new version is easier to read, much less noise, paper folds, etc after cleanup, also now the finished file is at 400 dpi.

12/10/2019 : PlanID=875 : Fairey Flycatcher by Stanley B Perry from Aeromodeller : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

12/10/2019 : PlanID=4112 : Wega from Robbe : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to Harald.

12/10/2019 : General News : Hi all. Ok, we are back home again now. Please bear with us as we catch up with a week's worth of emails and updates. Steve.

03/10/2019 : General News : Holidays! Things are going to be more quiet around here at Outerzone for the next 10 days or so. Me and Mary are heading off, we are on a trip down south and will probably be back on the Sunday. Please carry on sending in your plans, photos and articles as normal - we'll just queue everything up, and will carry on as usual once we get back. In the meantime, don't expect any timely responses to emails. Thanks for your patience. You all be good now. Steve.

03/10/2019 : PlanID=9845 : Royal Coachman by Don Dewey from Sterling : Added kit review from Radio Modeller, August 1969, thanks to RFJ.

03/10/2019 : PlanID=10988 : Falcon 56 Mk III from Carl Goldberg : Added kit review from Flying Models, April 1994, thanks to RFJ.

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Latest Plans text listing

A2-X3 - Jim Horton - 62in Glider F/F
Fun Scale Spitfire - Mark Smith - 81in Scale IC...
Russian D-1 Fighter - Elmer Pilzer - 24in Scale...
Baldur - 41in Glider F/F
Skylark 56 - 56in IC R/C
Avia B-534 - Zdenek Raska - 25in Scale Rubber...
Heinkel He 70 - HFA Schelhasse - 35in Scale...
Type D-02 - 41in Glider F/F
Worcraft Winner - 20in Rubber F/F
Cricri - Frank Curzon - 49in Scale IC R/C
Whirlwind PSS - Neil McHardy - 58in Scale...
Eastbourne Monoplane - Peter Rake - 14in Scale...
Hawker Typhoon 1B - HJ Towner - 28in Scale...
Alto - Tony Mellor - 74in Glider R/C
MiG-15 - 16in Scale Jetex F/F
Polliwog - Willard Ballou - 35in Rubber F/F
Thunderbug - Laurie Glover - 28in IC C/L
Mini Kestrel - Dave Robelen - 37in Glider R/C
Kawanishi K-8B - Bill Noonan - 40in Scale...
Sky Eye Mini - Clark Salisbury - 46in Electric...
Messerschmitt Me 262 V1 - Allan Schanzle - 23in...
Disaster - Don McGovern - 64in IC Glider R/C
Cece-1 - Sheldon Birenbaum - 60in IC R/C
Korda Conqueror - Dick Korda - 30in Rubber F/F
Slim'n Sleek - Paul Mueller - 30in IC F/F
Avia B-534-IX - Hal Swanson - 13in Scale Rubber...
Silvaire Sedan - Bill Winter - 28in Scale...
Tommy Scout - Walton Hughes - 30in Scale IC C/L
Skyhawk - 27in Rubber F/F
Messerschmitt Bf 109 - Paul Kohlmann - 45in...
Navy Bomber - Peter Westburg - 83in IC F/F
Compact 2-50 - Dave Parsons - 50in IC Glider...
Boeing 247 - W Durant - 23in Scale Rubber F/F
Topper - John D'Ottavio - 37in IC C/L
Harpoon - Bill Ervin - 52in IC C/L
Sternschnuppe - Claus Maikis - 59in IC C/L
Bingo - Doc Mathews - 70in IC R/C
Duzit - Woody Blanchard - 51in IC F/F
Wittman Tailwind - Dave Livesay - 13in Scale...
Sassy Saucer - George Harris - 25in IC C/L
Shark XV - David Wood - 40in IC R/C
Beachcomber - David Wood - 64in IC R/C
Eastwind 76 - Henry Struck - 76in IC Glider R/C
PAA Master IC F/F
CoaxAir - Ray Malmstrom Rubber F/F
Pink Panther - Brian Young - 53in IC R/C
Divine Wind - Y Matsumoto - 65in Glider R/C
Kirby Cadet Mk3 - Keith Humber - 72in Scale...
Plato - Ernest Houslander - 30in IC R/C
Rutan Starship One - John Kay - 17in IC F/F

...more plans



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