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Latest Plans

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Osprey (oz13027) by Hugh Langevin from Model Airplane News 1969 grey_line

Osprey (oz13027)

by Hugh Langevin
from Model Airplane News
June 1969 
79in span
Glider F/F

Plan Details
Jodel Bebe D92 (oz13026) by Roberto Prezioso from Eco Model 1990 grey_line

Jodel Bebe D92 (oz13026)

by Roberto Prezioso
from Eco Model
April 1990 
55in span
Scale IC R/C

Plan Details
Bristol Scout A (oz13025) from Nowlen Aero 1986 grey_line

Bristol Scout A (oz13025)

from Nowlen Aero
13in span
Scale Rubber F/F

Plan Details
Halberstadt CL.II (oz13024) by Bob Snyder from American Aircraft Modeler 1969 grey_line

Halberstadt CL.II (oz13024)

by Bob Snyder
from American Aircraft Modeler
October 1969 
71in span
Scale IC R/C

Plan Details
Champion (oz13023) by FW Biesterfeld from Graupner 1957 grey_line

Champion (oz13023)

by FW Biesterfeld
from Graupner
55in span

Plan Details
Ober Inspectoer (oz13022) by Matthias Moeller 2020 grey_line

Ober Inspectoer (oz13022)

by Matthias Moeller
52in span
Electric R/C

Plan Details
Bi-Baby (oz13021) from Flying Models  1956 grey_line

Bi-Baby (oz13021)

from Flying Models
September 1956 
9in span
Glider F/F

Plan Details
Hoppity (oz13020) by WI Barrett from Aeromodeller 1967 grey_line

Hoppity (oz13020)

by WI Barrett
from Aeromodeller
December 1967 

Plan Details
Maximus (oz13019) from Robbe grey_line

Maximus (oz13019)

from Robbe
52in span

Plan Details
ROG (oz13018) by CP Moody from Flying Models  1958 grey_line

ROG (oz13018)

by CP Moody
from Flying Models
January 1958 
20in span
Rubber F/F

Plan Details
Harvard IIB (oz13017) by T Wordell from Model Aircraft 1950 grey_line

Harvard IIB (oz13017)

by T Wordell
from Model Aircraft
November 1950 
40in span
Scale IC C/L

Plan Details
Queen of Hearts (oz13016) by John Winter from Flying Models  1956 grey_line

Queen of Hearts (oz13016)

by John Winter
from Flying Models
December 1956 
21in span
Rubber F/F

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Model Photo Gallery

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Tomboy (oz285) from LuigiCarlucci
Tomboy (oz285) from LuigiCarlucci
Tomboy (oz285) from LuigiCarlucci
Tomboy (oz285) from LuigiCarlucci
Airborn (oz4102) from LuigiCarlucci
Airborn (oz4102) from LuigiCarlucci
Airborn (oz4102) from LuigiCarlucci
Airborn (oz4102) from LuigiCarlucci

Latest Comments

AMA has made listing error on Supa Dupa ciiting Model Craftsman as publisher. SAM listing on Supa Dupa correctly cites Model Aircraft.
AaronKV : Supa Dupa : 13/05/2021

Hi Martin, yes it a Q.E.D, the Version from Jim Moss flown by Rich Aldridge. i build it in 100inch for a 5 cyl Moki 150er but it could also carry a 250er!
I made a break in the project in Autum last year 2020 som information to the...
Matzito : AS-14 : 13/05/2021

mui gratia miguel ;-)
Matthias : Ober Inspectoer : 13/05/2021

Joseph Wolf : Cessna 180 : 13/05/2021

SAM has this model listed under three titles: “Marsden 1937 Winner”, “Pacific Coast Champion”, and “Champion, Pac. Coast”. AMA has it listed “Pacific Coast Champion”.
AaronKV : Marsden 1937 Winner : 12/05/2021

I believe this is also the original plan for the House Of Balsa 44" AT6. I recognize some construction details. I used to own one and it flew absolutely fantastic. However, by the time I built it, the black 2L soda bottle bottoms were...
Maarten Zanders : T-6 Texan : 12/05/2021

I have learned in a short time to expect good things when I see this name, and once again I was not disappointed. A fine design, and thank you for the STP files. I saw a smooth belly landing in one of the videos, may they all be alike...
Miguel : Ober Inspectoer : 11/05/2021

Eut Tileston used to fly one in the Spirit of SAM event
Dan : A-10 : 11/05/2021

Hi folks, please find attached a pdf copy of my latest build to add to your collection if you see fit, as well as photos [pics 012-014]. This is a great little plane and exceeded expectations in several ways. Keep up the great work you do,...
Nick Ward : Pronto : 11/05/2021

Here's a model of another aircraft that was given short shrift by the country of its origin, but certainly not by those grateful aviators of Great Britain and Australia who were able to put it to effect use over the jungles of...
Neal Green : Vultee Vengeance : 11/05/2021

Here are some photos of my Little Red Twin [main pic, 005-007].
WalterK : Little Red Twin : 11/05/2021

Hello, I’ve found online some pictures for this glider [main pic, 010, 011]. Best regards,
Dries : DFS 230 : 11/05/2021

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Latest Site Updates

11/05/2021 : PlanID=3211 : Little Kid by Peter Spence from Aeromodeller : Added article, thanks to algy2.

11/05/2021 : PlanID=1973 : Nieuport 12 by Martin Irvine from Model Airplane News : Added (later) article from Quiet & Electric Flight International, September 2014, thanks to RFJ.

11/05/2021 : PlanID=1740 : Pronto by Dave Robelen from Model Airplane News : Added pdf build log, thanks to Nick Ward.

11/05/2021 : PlanID=10986 : Polo by J Cerny from FMT : Added article, thanks to rocketpilot.

10/05/2021 : General News : Hello Outerzone family from OKLAHOMA! Please keep long time model designer, article writer, and one amazingly nice human being Larry Kruse in your thoughts and prayers, he's having a rough go with cancer. If you've enjoyed one of his many designs found in the old FLYING MODELS magazine and here on Oz, please reach out to him and wish him well at: Thank you, Tom Solinski.

10/05/2021 : PlanID=4692 : Aeronca Defender by Walt Mooney from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

08/05/2021 : PlanID=11780 : Ryan STA by Maxey Hester from SIG : Added electric conversion article from Electric Flight International, June 1998, thanks to RFJ.

08/05/2021 : PlanID=11506 : Kadetito by Alex McLeod from Model Airplane News : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to EduardoJR, Pilgrim.

07/05/2021 : PlanID=10548 : Vultee V-11GB from Ace Whitman : Added alternate (cleaned) plan, thanks to PB_Guy.

06/05/2021 : PlanID=831 : Pendulum Pete by Keith Laumer from American Modeler : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

05/05/2021 : PlanID=8539 : Starter from Svenson : Added separate printwood file, at full size. The main planfile does include some parts identification drawings, but these are not shown at full size.

05/05/2021 : PlanID=13006 : Citabria by Bud Nosen from Bud Nosen Models : Added kit review from MAN May 1979, thanks to RFJ.

05/05/2021 : PlanID=2513 : Hi Thrusty from American Modeler : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

04/05/2021 : PlanID=7137 : Hornet from Humbrol : Fixed missing text section in instructions file, thanks to AdrianCulf.

...more updates

Latest Plans text listing

Osprey - Hugh Langevin - 79in Glider F/F
Jodel Bebe D92 - Roberto Prezioso - 55in Scale...
Bristol Scout A - 13in Scale Rubber F/F
Halberstadt CL.II - Bob Snyder - 71in Scale IC...
Champion - FW Biesterfeld - 55in IC C/L
Ober Inspectoer - Matthias Moeller - 52in...
Bi-Baby - 9in Glider F/F
Hoppity - WI Barrett IC C/L
Maximus - 52in IC C/L
ROG - CP Moody - 20in Rubber F/F
Harvard IIB - T Wordell - 40in Scale IC C/L
Queen of Hearts - John Winter - 21in Rubber F/F
Thor - Moses Quintana - 51in IC C/L
Acrobaby - Roberto Prezioso - 51in IC R/C
555 - Harold Stevenson - 30in IC F/F
Saturn - Howard Timlin - 58in IC F/F
Deperdussin Racer - 13in Scale Rubber F/F
Little Glenelg - D Knight - 48in IC F/F
AS-14 - Matthias Moeller - 102in Glider R/C
Modified Galloping John - Dennis Cain - 40in IC...
Tiger Moth - William Appleby - 22in Rubber F/F
Citabria - Bud Nosen - 105in Scale IC R/C
Karousel - Hoh Fang-Chiun - 49in IC R/C
Spitfire - Howard Boys - 16in Scale Rubber F/F
Beta Magic - Matthias Moeller - 94in Glider...
Texas Bo Weevil - Don Chancey - 17in F/F
Raven 40 - Tob McVickar, Bob McVickar - 53in IC...
Classic 600 - Bruce Hannah - 66in IC F/F
Tri-Tipo - David Boddington - 30in IC F/F R/C
Amigo II Magic - Matthias Moeller - 99in...
Musketor - Paul Kuniss - 24in Rubber F/F
Wireless Widgeon - FL Swaney - 74in Scale IC...
Flinger - Larry Jolly - 57in Glider R/C
Kompetitor - 34in CO2 F/F
Tico Tico - 19in Rubber F/F
Wichita-5 - Mike Woodhouse - 78in Glider F/F
Douglas O-38 - 30in Scale Rubber F/F
Cadet 25 - Roberto Prezioso - 40in IC R/C
Gross Wing Half A - Eut Tileston - 50in IC F/F
Thomas Morse MB-7 - Bill Noonan - 36in Scale...
Learfan - Richard Preston - 24in Scale Rubber...
Douglas Skyraider - MR Martinez - 30in Scale IC...
Millenium Moth - Albert E Hatfull - 22in Rubber...
Cricket - Jack Headley - 35in IC F/F
Sylph - Eut Tileston - 54in IC F/F
Sagittario - Luciano Tosti - 64in IC R/C
C-Raider - Michael Latorre - 68in IC F/F
Chez Coupe - Ron Roberti - 36in Rubber F/F
Sympa 40 - Roberto Prezioso - 59in IC R/C
Slowpoke - Lloyd Hunt - 48in IC F/F

...more plans



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