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We collect and share plans of vintage and old-timer flying model airplanes. For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since 2011. No need to login, just grab and go.

Thanks to you all, there are now 13,114 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us!


Latest Plans

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Wasp RC (oz13193) by Warren Brown 2021 grey_line

Wasp RC (oz13193)

by Warren Brown
26in span

Plan Details
Pigeon (oz13192) by Clark Ross from SIG grey_line

Pigeon (oz13192)

by Clark Ross
from SIG
12in span
Glider F/F

Plan Details
Henry (oz13191) by Alan Wooster 2015 grey_line

Henry (oz13191)

by Alan Wooster
48in span
Electric R/C

Plan Details
Ho Cat (oz13190) by Henry Struck from Model Builder 1980 grey_line

Ho Cat (oz13190)

by Henry Struck
from Model Builder
June 1980 
60in span

Plan Details
Miles Atwood Special (oz13189) by Daniel Holloway from Lawrence W Brown 1935 grey_line

Miles Atwood Special (oz13189)

by Daniel Holloway
from Lawrence W Brown
16in span
Scale Rubber F/F

Plan Details
Spirit (oz13188) by Don Anderson from Great Planes 1991 grey_line

Spirit (oz13188)

by Don Anderson
from Great Planes
78in span
Glider R/C

Plan Details
Joe Krush Low Wing (oz13187) by Joe Krush from Zaic Yearbook 1959 grey_line

Joe Krush Low Wing (oz13187)

by Joe Krush
from Zaic Yearbook
52in span

Plan Details
Flip (oz13186) by Clark Ross from SIG grey_line

Flip (oz13186)

by Clark Ross
from SIG
14in span
Glider F/F

Plan Details
Boeing Stearman PT13D (oz13185) by Bengt Norman from Model Airplane News 1983 grey_line

Boeing Stearman PT13D (oz13185)

by Bengt Norman
from Model Airplane News
June 1983 
39in span
Scale IC R/C

Plan Details
Corona Hawk 36 (oz13184) by Andy Kunz 2021 grey_line

Corona Hawk 36 (oz13184)

by Andy Kunz
37in span
Electric Glider R/C

Plan Details
Swizzle Stick 60 (oz13183) from Balsa USA 1980 grey_line

Swizzle Stick 60 (oz13183)

from Balsa USA
96in span

Plan Details
Screaming Eagle (oz13182) by Van Twelves from Model Airplane News 1976 grey_line

Screaming Eagle (oz13182)

by Van Twelves
from Model Airplane News
July 1976 
62in span

Plan Details


Model Photo Gallery

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Miss America (oz2124) from Kris
Miss America (oz2124) from Kris
Miss America (oz2124) from Kris
Miss America (oz2124) from Kris
Das Ugly Stik (oz6801) from DougSmith
Das Ugly Stik (oz6801) from DougSmith
Das Ugly Stik (oz6801) from DougSmith
Das Ugly Stik (oz6801) from DougSmith

Latest Comments

I suspect that this one is supposed to be 18”, merely on account of the propeller blank specifying a 6” diameter propeller - that’s about the right size for an 18” span rubber model.
Pete Theobald : Albatros DVa : 25/07/2021

Just checked and measured this plan, and the span is 62 inches, just over. So I'm not sure why the article text says it's 57 in. Maybe something changed along the way.
SteveWMD : Douglas DC-3 Dakota : 25/07/2021

Ha ha. You've missed your chance now, Ian. First rule of Pirate club is, always trace all the parts from the first 2 sheets and put them on a 3rd sheet. Then put your name on it. Then open an ebay shop, and charge $25. You'll never make...
SteveWMD : Ho Cat : 25/07/2021

Thanks OuterZone
Miguel Angel : Mitsubishi A6M Zero : 25/07/2021

Sorry Steve, plan we should have supplied doesn't have the wing, that was to have been £10 extra.
Circlip : Ho Cat : 24/07/2021

The float looks too small for a single float, nor is there any stabilising floats shown. I think it is twin floats with the struts glued to the rib where the dihedral changes at the aileron break.
M Hodgson : Namornik Pepek Su-56 : 24/07/2021

Most of the way through construction of this cool model making good use of Google translate. Can anyone help with plan interpretation? Is this designed to be a single central float? Or twin floats supported by the wing? Cheers!
Rocket_rodeo : Namornik Pepek Su-56 : 24/07/2021

"The report of my death was an exaggeration." :-)
Miguel : Monocoupe 110 : 23/07/2021

No need to speak of him in the past tense. He is alive and well and posting spectacular model builds in some of the FB aeromodelling groups.
As far as this Monocoupe, Greg had a very comprehensive build thread on the old Small...
Dave D : Monocoupe 110 : 23/07/2021

Hi, I also have a almost 45 year old Prima, that my father and uncle started to build. I finished it, and has been flying with it for 20years, powered by a OS 35FP (+25years old) motor. I have started a NEW Prima to be electric...
Niels Eriksen : Prima : 23/07/2021

It seems Mr. Thomas did leave a number of cousins in the design business, although not in the modelling branch. If worst came to worst, then may God have his soul. However, I found that Miguel : Monocoupe 110 : 23/07/2021

Thanks to DavidD, who pointed out the above link to Thomas Designs site is now dead. I'm going to leave that link up, since it's still handy to use through the wayback machine, see SteveWMD : Monocoupe 110 : 23/07/2021

...more comments

Latest Site Updates

25/07/2021 : PlanID=13188 : Spirit by Don Anderson from Great Planes : Added kit instructions, thanks to theshadow.

25/07/2021 : PlanID=6012 : Ryan PT-22 by Frank Beatty from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to theshadow.

24/07/2021 : PlanID=13188 : Spirit by Don Anderson from Great Planes : Added kit review from Flying Models, May 1992, thanks to RFJ.

23/07/2021 : PlanID=12908 : Chaparral by Dale Nutter from Model Airplane News : Added alternate scan from fullsize, thanks to JJ.

23/07/2021 : PlanID=11664 : A-4P Skyhawk by Richard Perry from American Aircraft Modeler : Added article, thanks to rrfalcon on HPA.

23/07/2021 : PlanID=5971 : Spacewalker by Dennis Tapsfield from RCMplans : Added further article from R/C Model World, November 1988, thanks to RFJ.

23/07/2021 : PlanID=13189 : Miles Atwood Special by Daniel Holloway from Lawrence W Brown : Added advert from Popular Aviation March 1935, thanks to Pit.

22/07/2021 : PlanID=12116 : Big Bingo by Doc Mathews from Ace RC : Removed sheet #3 showing parts templates, at request of Mark Robey, who drew up that sheet.

22/07/2021 : PlanID=13184 : Corona Hawk 36 by Andy Kunz : Added Corona Hawk logo files, pdf and dxf, thanks to AndyKunz.

20/07/2021 : PlanID=13181 : B-17 Flying Fortress by Pavel Bosak from RC Model World : Added article thanks to RFJ.

20/07/2021 : PlanID=13178 : Looping II by Ledertheil from FMT : Added article, thanks to RobertVS.

19/07/2021 : PlanID=469 : San Diego Flaggship by Mark Fineman from Flying Models : Added article, thanks to JeffGreen.

19/07/2021 : PlanID=5546 : Ford Trimotor by Stu Richmond from RCMplans : Added (further) article from R/C Model World, October 1987, thanks to RFJ.

18/07/2021 : PlanID=13157 : Planeteer by Maurice Schoenbrun from Flying Models : Replaced article file with a complete version, thanks to RFJ.

...more updates

Latest Plans text listing

Wasp RC - Warren Brown - 26in IC R/C
Pigeon - Clark Ross - 12in Glider F/F
Henry - Alan Wooster - 48in Electric R/C
Ho Cat - Henry Struck - 60in IC F/F
Miles Atwood Special - Daniel Holloway - 16in...
Spirit - Don Anderson - 78in Glider R/C
Joe Krush Low Wing - Joe Krush - 52in IC R/C
Flip - Clark Ross - 14in Glider F/F
Boeing Stearman PT13D - Bengt Norman - 39in...
Corona Hawk 36 - Andy Kunz - 37in Electric...
Swizzle Stick 60 - 96in IC R/C
Screaming Eagle - Van Twelves - 62in IC R/C
B-17 Flying Fortress - Pavel Bosak - 76in Scale...
P-61B Black Widow - 72in Scale IC R/C
White Monoplane - Walt Mooney - 13in Scale...
Looping II - Ledertheil - 21in IC C/L
L-200 Morava - Zdenek Raska - 64in Scale...
Pay Later - Dave Linstrum - 36in IC F/F
Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior - Richard Say - 49in...
Cessna C-34 - Frank T Roberts - 25in Scale...
Sprinter - Micha Muller - 21in IC C/L
Blackburn Ripon - Mike Stuart - 13in Scale...
Daedalus - Otto Roser - 88in Glider F/F
Dragon Fli - Phil Hartman - 7in Rubber F/F
Amiot 143 - Jacques Cartigny - 22in Scale...
Aeronca L-16 - Walt Musciano - 35in Scale IC...
Orca - Larry Sicuranza - 61in IC F/F
Doodle Bug - Jerry Stoloff - 14in Rubber F/F
Kaimano TAN 40 - Roberto Prezioso - 59in IC R/C
Monocoupe - S Cal Smith - 56in Scale IC R/C
Spitfire - 24in Scale Rubber F/F
Jetfire II - Ian Peacock - 44in IC R/C
Tramp - 63in Glider R/C
Stickit V - Dan Stevens - 48in IC R/C
Aviette 1913 - Tim Hayward-Brown - 13in Scale...
Space Ray - Ray Malmstrom - 11in IC C/L
Planeteer - Maurice Schoenbrun - 57in IC F/F
Islander - Mark Frankel - 74in Scale IC R/C
Sagitta 600 Electric - John Torrance - 79in...
Stinger - Terry Eato - 35in IC R/C
Joker - Jean-Louis Chaffanel - 36in IC R/C
T-34 Mentor - Bryan V Cole - 24in Scale Rubber...
FreeBird - Terry Eato - 53in IC R/C
Talon - James Prell - 35in IC R/C
Farman 250 - Tim Hayward-Brown - 13in Scale...
Dotterel - Clive Smalley - 70in Glider R/C
Sport Air 40 - Ernie LaChance - 58in IC R/C
Falcon - JS Luck - 54in IC F/F
F4U-5 Corsair - 24in Scale Rubber F/F
Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa - Tom Akery - 16in...

...more plans



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