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We collect and share plans of vintage and old-timer flying model airplanes. For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since 2011. No need to login, just grab and go.

Thanks to you all, there are now 12,893 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us!


Latest Plans

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Gemini (oz12969) from Keil Kraft 1963 grey_line

Gemini (oz12969)

from Keil Kraft
21in span
Rubber F/F

Plan Details
Knave (oz12968) by Peter Sanders 2020 grey_line

Knave (oz12968)

by Peter Sanders
30in span
Rubber F/F

Plan Details
F4U Corsair PSS (oz12967) by Paul Janssens from QFI 2000 grey_line

F4U Corsair PSS (oz12967)

by Paul Janssens
from QFI
April 2000 
49in span
Scale Glider R/C

Plan Details
Lysander (oz12966) from Megow 1941 grey_line

Lysander (oz12966)

from Megow
15in span
Scale Rubber F/F

Plan Details
G-88 G-99 Wing (oz12965) by Frank Zaic from RC Wings 1970 grey_line

G-88 G-99 Wing (oz12965)

by Frank Zaic
from RC Wings
110in span

Plan Details
Pilatus PC-6 Porter (oz12964) by Gerald Skrjanc from Micro-X grey_line

Pilatus PC-6 Porter (oz12964)

by Gerald Skrjanc
from Micro-X
22in span
Scale Rubber CO2 F/F

Plan Details
Senior Falcon (oz12963) by Bob Harris from Early RC 2002 grey_line

Senior Falcon (oz12963)

by Bob Harris
from Early RC
70in span

Plan Details
Skypal (oz12962) by Morio Noguchi from Bentom grey_line

Skypal (oz12962)

by Morio Noguchi
from Bentom
16in span
Rubber F/F

Plan Details
Caudron 860 (oz12961) from Chalange et Bonnet grey_line

Caudron 860 (oz12961)

from Chalange et Bonnet
30in span
Scale Rubber F/F

Plan Details
CB 6 (oz12960) from Chalange et Bonnet 1943 grey_line

CB 6 (oz12960)

from Chalange et Bonnet
15in span
Rubber F/F

Plan Details
Avion Rapide (oz12959) by Matthias Moeller 2016 grey_line

Avion Rapide (oz12959)

by Matthias Moeller
72in span
Electric R/C

Plan Details
Currie Wot (oz12958) by Andrew Moorhouse 1977 grey_line

Currie Wot (oz12958)

by Andrew Moorhouse
13in span
Scale Rubber F/F

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Model Photo Gallery

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Talisman (oz4399) from Annette
Talisman (oz4399) from Annette
Talisman (oz4399) from Annette
Talisman (oz4399) from Annette
Talisman (oz4399) from Annette
Talisman (oz4399) from Annette
Talisman (oz4399) from Annette
Talisman (oz4399) from Annette

Latest Comments

F9 is shown twice, the one on sheet 3 will be F16
phil : DH 110 : 20/04/2021

Greetings, As I recall, Cassutt wings were all wood, with plywood skins. Later versions had thicker wings. Racers could still build it with thin wings. Top speed dropped, but low speed handling and stall recovery improved. I think the fin...
James Hickman : Cassutt : 20/04/2021

No, never been anywhere near, the show was rated NC-17 so I was left out and couldn't see any elephant.
Miguel : Pilatus PC-6 Porter : 20/04/2021

A couple of photos of my 150% KK Playboy [aka Knave] with 30" wing span [main pic, 003-006]. Wonderful flyer, built Summer 2020.
Peter Sanders : Knave : 20/04/2021

My model of the Rutan Quickie design by Jennings. These are the pictures, this weekend, made by my clubmate Ruud Manning [pics 009-012].
Lambert Oosting : QAC Quickie : 20/04/2021

Simply a dream, I had it in the late seventies (1977) with Goldberg retractable tires with 60 HP engine. Clean flight and perfect aerobatics. I would like to have it back. A dream.
Fulvio : Blue Angel 40-SR : 20/04/2021

What about metal skins
skeatesy : Cassutt : 20/04/2021

Just built a 10” version out of depron, 1s power. Flies really well
John Wilson : Sorcerer : 19/04/2021

My Sea Vixen, built from the VMC kit [main pic, 003-006]. I made a few changes to be more of a static model.
Duncan Boniface : DH 110 : 19/04/2021

I, too, used to frequent the little hamlet of "Young-n'-Dumb" many years ago. I occasionally return to "N'-Dumb" today, whether for nostalgic reasons or simply because I can't help myself.
Jan Novick : Pilatus PC-6 Porter : 19/04/2021

Hello! I’ve completed my Mini Blitz (oz12408) and am thrilled with the results [pic 007]. I’d be happy to share my build with the community and offer additional inspiration. Please let me know if I can help provide...
Corey Sienko : Mini Blitz and Micro Blitz : 19/04/2021

Dear Sir, attached you can find the finished "Tandem Bomber" flying model [pics 004, 005], my Coronavirus version (I mean 2021).
Nice day. From Italy,
Antonio Riccardelli : Tandem Bomber : 19/04/2021

...more comments

Latest Site Updates

20/04/2021 : PlanID=12969 : Gemini from Keil Kraft : Added fuselage formers, thanks to AdrianCulf.

20/04/2021 : PlanID=4797 : Martin AM Mauler by Clair Sieverling from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

19/04/2021 : PlanID=8108 : Me 262 A-1 Schwalbe by S Gloeckner from Hermann Rommler : Added full kit instructions (in German), thanks to BerndLangner.

19/04/2021 : PlanID=2188 : Hep Cat by Paul Plecan from Air Trails : Added article (the original article) from Air Trails, October 1944, thanks to RFJ.

19/04/2021 : PlanID=5307 : Panda from Multiplex : Added review from Aviation Modeller International, July1997, thanks to RFJ.

18/04/2021 : PlanID=7034 : Sea Dancer by Fred Reese from RCMplans : Added kit review from Flying Models, May 1998, thanks to RFJ.

16/04/2021 : PlanID=7277 : Amigo III from Graupner : Added kit review (of the later ARF version) from Quiet & Electric Flight, November 2012, thanks to RFJ.

15/04/2021 : PlanID=6702 : Schweizer 1-29 by Dave Thornburg from American Aircraft Modeler : Added vectorPDF and CAD (dxf and dwg) versions of this plan, thanks to Valeria367.

15/04/2021 : PlanID=12907 : Space Shuttle Columbia by Larry Kruse from Flying Models : Added vectorPDF and CAD (dxf and dwg) versions of this plan, thanks to Valeria367.

13/04/2021 : PlanID=2168 : Lightning Bug by Bill Winter from Model Airplane News : Added electric conversion article from Quiet & Electric Flight International, September 2014, thanks to RFJ.

13/04/2021 : PlanID=12919 : Dizzy Diesel by Geoff Dunmore from Aeromodeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (patterned background removed) thanks to Circlip.

13/04/2021 : PlanID=12950 : Avro 560 by PMH Lewis from Model Aircraft : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

13/04/2021 : PlanID=12949 : Goppinger GO 1 Wolf by Arthur Mackenroth from FMT : Added article (inc parts list), thanks to Axel_VPF.

12/04/2021 : PlanID=5649 : Sophisticated Lady by Neil Liptak, Dave Patrick from Carl Goldberg : Added scan of ribs and formers, thanks to RusselH.

...more updates

Latest Plans text listing

Gemini - 21in Rubber F/F
Knave - Peter Sanders - 30in Rubber F/F
F4U Corsair PSS - Paul Janssens - 49in Scale...
Lysander - 15in Scale Rubber F/F
G-88 G-99 Wing - Frank Zaic - 110in R/C
Pilatus PC-6 Porter - Gerald Skrjanc - 22in...
Senior Falcon - Bob Harris - 70in IC R/C
Skypal - Morio Noguchi - 16in Rubber F/F
Caudron 860 - 30in Scale Rubber F/F
CB 6 - 15in Rubber F/F
Avion Rapide - Matthias Moeller - 72in Electric...
Currie Wot - Andrew Moorhouse - 13in Scale...
Fokker E-III - Neal Green - 13in Scale Rubber...
Nieuport 27 - 18in Scale Rubber F/F
Bristol Bullet - 18in Scale Rubber F/F
Prop Secret - Peter Holland - 54in IC F/F
Spitfire XIV - 20in Scale Rubber F/F
CB 31 - 78in Glider F/F
Arrow Sport - Al Lidberg - 13in Scale Rubber...
Avro 560 - PMH Lewis - 41in Scale IC F/F
Goppinger GO 1 Wolf - Arthur Mackenroth - 131in...
Sperry Messenger - Bert Striegler - 48in Scale...
Patriot - David Garrett Rubber F/F
Heinkel He 74 - 51in Scale IC F/F
Praga Baby - 78in Scale IC F/F
Pou Pou - C Beaumont Lewis - 41in Electric R/C
Phalene - Claude Muffat-Gendet - 58in IC R/C
F-86 Sabre - Gus Morfis - 37in Scale IC R/C
T-2 - Radoslav Cizek - 24in IC C/L
Nebeska Raketa - G Busek - 55in IC F/F
Lockheed P-38J Lightning - Duke Horn - 40in...
Cutlass II - Larry Renger - 48in Glider R/C
Mini Drake - Ivan Poloni - 63in IC R/C
One Trainer - Carles Mas - 32in IC C/L
Fafnir 1 - Vince Crockett -...
Roland D-VIb - Lubomir Koutny - 18in Scale...
Mach 1 - Vince Micchia, Jim Newman. - 62in IC...
Ford Trimotor - 34in Scale Rubber F/F
Runt - Bud Henry - 44in IC F/F
Racbsa - Carles Mas - 56in IC C/L
Olympic - Donald Garofalow - 42in Rubber F/F
New Orleanian Junior - Jim Edwards - 42in IC...
Floater - 72in Glider F/F
1936 Lanzo Racer - 51in IC F/F
Finch - 17in Rubber F/F
Arado Ar 96 - 36in Scale IC R/C
Rapier - Morten Tanger - 57in IC R/C
Deja Vu - Fred Reese - 34in Scale IC R/C
Martin Bomber - 35in Scale Rubber F/F
Docil II - Antonio Rodriguez Garrido - 62in IC...

...more plans



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