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7 Years of Outerzone!

Since 2011 we've been collecting and sharing free vintage and old-timer plans at Outerzone. Thanks to you, there are now over 9,000 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for making Outerzone what it is. Three cheers for all of us!


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Latest Plans Added 12 most recent plan thumbnails

P-47 Thunderbolt - 9904P-47 Thunderbolt
Scale Rubber F/F
16in span
Plan Details
Jumbo - 9903Jumbo
Rubber F/F
36in span
Plan Details
Denny Starling - 9902Denny Starling
Rubber F/F
18in span
Plan Details
Benoit - 9901Benoit
Rubber F/F
45in span
Plan Details
Quester - 9900Quester
Rubber F/F
36in span
Plan Details
Citabria - 9899Citabria
Scale IC R/C
65in span
Plan Details
Sopwith Schneider Trophy Racer - 9898Sopwith Schneider Trophy Racer
Scale Electric R/C
23in span
Plan Details
Skyrocket - 9897Skyrocket
55in span
Plan Details
Wildcat - 9896Wildcat
36in span
Plan Details
Piper Cub - 9895Piper Cub
Scale Rubber F/F
25in span
Plan Details
Griffin III - 9894Griffin III
28in span
Plan Details
Howard-Wright Monoplane - 9893Howard-Wright Monoplane
Scale Electric R/C
32in span
Plan Details


Latest Comments

I have an old kit that I bought, but it was missing the plan. I had looked everywhere for a plan. Thanks Outerzone!
TS : Citabria : 21/03/2018

Aéronautique Condorcet (ca. 1940) L'aéronautique Condorcet, était une association (dont Jacques LERAT était membre fondateur) attachée au Lycée Condorcet (Paris) ayant pour objectifs la pratique de l'aéromodélisme mais aussi celle du vol...
Pit : Benoit : 20/03/2018

It's good to hear you want to build the P-39 Airacobra, Lou. I'm afraid we can't help directly answer your question. We just give away the plans! Maybe some of our readers will have some helpful suggestions? You could also post your...
Mary : Airacobra P-39 : 19/03/2018

I am new to building balsa models and I thought I would start with the P-39A. I have a question: How do you mold the canopy for this model?
Lou : Airacobra P-39 : 19/03/2018

I see the Skyrocket S-33 plan was just uploaded. I have some additional details and 3 photos [more pics 003-005]. I had built one a long time ago with a Bantam 19 engine as per original free flight. One of the photos shows aluminium tube I...
Joost : Skyrocket : 19/03/2018

In 1953 the British free-fly competition team lost their models on the flight to Yugoslavia. During the night before competition started they managed with help to built two "Last Straw" gliders and attended the World Championship 1953. I...
OweCarlson_Sweden : Last Straw : 19/03/2018

Added another picture of Owe Carlson's STOL [more pics 008].
Mary : STOL : 19/03/2018

Hello - model built according to plan from Outerzone [more pics 003, 004]. He 100 from plan Nick Ziroli.
VitPucher_CzechRepublic : Heinkel he 100 : 16/03/2018

Here's an image of my #23 STOL from 1984 [more pics 007]. Built from RCME plan, span 48", W 1,6 Kg, OS.25, 6ch (aileron, elevator, esc, rudder, flaps, door for parachute dropping).
OweCarlson_Sweden : STOL : 16/03/2018

Thanks Pit. RFJ has very kindly shared that article with us too, as well as the two from RCME. I've added it as a supplementary file just now.
Mary : STOL : 16/03/2018

STOL was also published as a plan/construction article in the November 1974 issue of Model Airplane News too.
Pit : STOL : 16/03/2018

Added photo of Dan Owen's completed model - see his comment above [more pics 004].
Mary : Taylorcraft : 15/03/2018

...more comments


Latest Site Updates

19/03/2018 : PlanID=1515 : Shoestring by Jim Farned from Flying Models : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

19/03/2018 : PlanID=1326 : Piper Navajo Chieftain by Dick Howard from Flying Models : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

19/03/2018 : PlanID=1437 : Shorthorn by Bill Chenault from Model Airplane News : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

19/03/2018 : PlanID=3616 : Stunt-Wind by Mike Broadbent from Aviation Modeller International : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

19/03/2018 : PlanID=60 : Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher by Mike Midkiff from Flying Models : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

17/03/2018 : PlanID=2755 : Mini Jaded Maid by Tony Brookes from Aeromodeller : Added article, thanks to Algy2.

16/03/2018 : PlanID=1060 : Wedgy by Leon Shulman from Model Airplane News : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, re-scaled to fullsize and on a single sheet, thanks to Pilgrim.

16/03/2018 : PlanID=9889 : STOL by Peter Russell from RCME : Added update RCME article (October 1983), also additional MAN article (November 1974), thanks to RFJ.

16/03/2018 : PlanID=2323 : Upton Baby Ace by Walt Mooney from Aeromodeller : Article added, thanks to RFJ.

16/03/2018 : PlanID=9487 : Jersey Javelin by Walt Schroder from Air Trails : Added additional article (Model Planes Annual 1949), thanks to RFJ.

16/03/2018 : PlanID=1021 : Wee One by Bernie Schulman : Replaced this plan with a cleaner version, thanks to Pilgrim.

15/03/2018 : PlanID=942 : Ryan PT-25 by M Hetherington from Aeromodeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (patterned background removed).

15/03/2018 : PlanID=3612 : Kan Doo by Pete Cock : Added article from Model Planes Annual 1949, thanks to RFJ.

15/03/2018 : PlanID=7582 : Pinocchio by Laurie Barr from Model Aviation : Added article from Model Planes Annual 1950, thanks to RFJ.

...more updates


Latest Plans text listing

P-47 Thunderbolt - 16in Scale Rubber F/F
Jumbo - JJ Roussel - 36in Rubber F/F
Denny Starling - 18in Rubber F/F
Benoit - 45in Rubber F/F
Quester - Louis Heath - 36in Rubber F/F
Citabria - Bud Nosen - 65in Scale IC R/C
Sopwith Schneider Trophy Racer - Mike Roach -...
Skyrocket - J Smits - 55in IC F/F
Wildcat - DH Cowburn - 36in IC C/L
Piper Cub - Piper - 25in Scale Rubber F/F
Griffin III - Bill Cannon - 28in IC R/C
Howard-Wright Monoplane - Mike Roach - 32in...
Sky Rocket B - Leon Shulman - 44in IC F/F
Pteranodon IV - S Winkworth - 86in Glider R/C
X-2D Sharpshooter - William Nielsen - 41in IC...
STOL - Peter Russell - 48in IC R/C
Sopwith Tabloid - Unknown - 76in Scale IC R/C
Sopwith Tabloid SS3 - Mike Roach - 24in Scale...
PZL-1 - Howard McEntee - 24in Scale Rubber F/F
Happy Wing 52 - Al Wiltz - 52in IC R/C
Kloud King XL - Doc Mathews - 72in IC R/C
Summerwind - Robert Clark - 110in IC Glider R/C
Bonzo - Jack Headley - 36in Scale IC R/C
Tomik 4 - R Metz - 46in Glider F/F
Doublet - Dennis Tapsfield - 62in IC R/C
Sopwith Camel - 32in Scale Rubber F/F
Y Bar - Tony Brooks - 40in IC F/F
Sport - V Kubes - 76in Glider F/F
Cirrus Fuselage (Wood) - Trevor Faulkner -...
Piper Pacer - Robert Dance - 18in Scale...
Two-Ber - Herb Shields - 56in Rubber F/F
Rollin Foam - Dick Erickson - 18in IC R/C
Hoppity MkII - JP Buckeridge - 30in Rubber F/F
Simple Duster - Fred Reese - 35in IC R/C
Geared Ghost - John Gorham - 48in Rubber F/F
Skylark - Fred Hardy - 24in Rubber F/F
Dardo EIK 40 - Ernesto Eikermann - 45in Rubber...
Indoor Microfilm - Unknown - 22in Rubber F/F
Curtiss Robin - Bill Antoine - 62in Scale IC...
Raff V - Norman Marcus - 32in Rubber F/F
Peanut Pitts - David Jones - 13in Scale Rubber...
Hawker Hurricane - 17in Scale Rubber F/F
HD 49-1 - Henry Dore - 32in Rubber F/F
Sopwith Bee - Mike Roach - 15in Scale Electric...
R.O.G. - 15in Rubber F/F
Comet Racer - Dan Orman - 9in Rubber F/F
Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter - Dale Tattam - 79in...
Flamingo - RA Collins - 60in IC F/F
Stratus - Martin Garnett - 125in Glider R/C
Sopwith Bee - Mike Roach - 27in Scale Electric...

...more plans



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