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Total plans: 9,907

7 Years of Outerzone!

Since 2011 we've been collecting and sharing free vintage and old-timer plans at Outerzone. Thanks to you, there are now over 9,000 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for making Outerzone what it is. Three cheers for all of us!


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Latest Plans Added 12 most recent plan thumbnails

ABC Robin - 10258ABC Robin
51in span
Plan Details
Libelle - 10257Libelle
Glider F/F
61in span
Plan Details
Wild Weasel - 10256Wild Weasel
24in span
Plan Details
Polikarpov Po-2 - 10255Polikarpov Po-2
Scale IC R/C
48in span
Plan Details
Razor - 10254Razor
20in span
Plan Details
Novi III - 10253Novi III
56in span
Plan Details
Hawker Tomtit - 10252Hawker Tomtit
Scale IC R/C
52in span
Plan Details
Miss Kell - 10251Miss Kell
52in span
Plan Details
Fairchild 22 - 10250Fairchild 22
Scale Rubber F/F
25in span
Plan Details
Omega - 10249Omega
51in span
Plan Details
Flying Cloud - 10248Flying Cloud
Rubber F/F
36in span
Plan Details
Falke R5 - 10247Falke R5
Scale Glider F/F
69in span
Plan Details


Latest Comments

Hello Mary, hello Steve, I send you some new pictures of my old "Graupner Kapitan" [more pics 018-022]. The pictures were taken a week ago at an Antik Meeting in Haiger (Germany) [more images online BernhardDittmann : Kapitan : 16/07/2018

Thanks Dave :)
Mary : Model B2 Chummy : 16/07/2018

The NOVI III wingspan is 56". This aircraft used the O.S. Max S-35 Stunt for power.
GeorgeAlbo : Novi III : 16/07/2018

Added photos, thanks to Pit [model photo & more pics 003-005].
Mary : Novi III : 16/07/2018

Richard Gates designed the C7D too, the version with inline inverted engine.
Pit : Fairchild 22 : 15/07/2018

Aha, fixed now.
SteveWMD : Model B2 Chummy : 14/07/2018

The photo and drawing is of the later Digby model from 1951 which Fred qualified 1st in the team trials if my memory serves me correctly. By that I mean that Pete Giggle used to indoctrinate me in the life and times of the brothers Boxall....
MikeH : Fittleworth Flyer : 13/07/2018

Good question. I haven't seen it, so I can't say. Anyone out there?
SteveWMD : Model B2 Chummy : 13/07/2018

What is on sheet 3?
rchopper56 : Model B2 Chummy : 13/07/2018

Added some pictures of the completed model, thanks to Jeff Green [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
Mary : Astro Bipe : 13/07/2018

Box art for Comet Kit R 10, F-100 Super Saber [more pics 003].
EdShearer : F-100 Super Sabre : 13/07/2018

Here are a couple of photos of my electric version of the Metro Gnome [more pics 004, 005]. I built this little model in a couple of days for a 50 watt electric motor and rudder only R/C, to be flown with my 2.4 gig converted MacGregor...
Sundancer : Metro Gnome : 13/07/2018

...more comments


Latest Site Updates

16/07/2018 : PlanID=5641 : Kingfisher by Joe Ott from JL Wright Inc : Added article from Air Trails, February 1940, thanks to Pit.

16/07/2018 : PlanID=10251 : Miss Kell by Bob Whitley from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

15/07/2018 : PlanID=6773 : Gnome 60 by John Lupperger from Midway Models : Added PDFvector plan tracing (includes all rib templates) and CAD files, thanks to AlanSinclair.

15/07/2018 : PlanID=4516 : Stepp Two by Lou Nelli from Craft-Air : Added PDFvector plan tracing and CAD files, thanks to AlanSinclair.

15/07/2018 : PlanID=9007 : Aeolus by Dick Riggs from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to Balsaworkbench. This is scanned from fullsize and much clearer. Also now includes both wing layout drawings, 2nd sheet showing the amended (longer) wing, which makes the design NMPRA legal.

15/07/2018 : PlanID=6201 : Wanderer 99 by Mark Smith from Marks Models : Added PDFvector plan tracing (includes all rib templates) and CAD files, thanks to AlanSinclair.

15/07/2018 : PlanID=10233 : Moth Minor from OK Model Pilot : Added redrawn wing rib templates, thanks to JeffGreen.

14/07/2018 : PlanID=10245 : Model B2 Chummy by DJ Debelak : Added missing sheet 3, thanks to dfritzke. Sheet 3 show the details to construct the dummy engine, the Kinner K-5. 5 cylinder, 90hp.

13/07/2018 : PlanID=4921 : Revenger by Dick Russ from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with amended version, now adjusted CG markers, as per comment.

12/07/2018 : PlanID=4189 : Hawker Hurricane Mk1 from OK Model Pilot : Added kit review from R/C Model World, February 1985, thanks to RFJ.

12/07/2018 : PlanID=1881 : Ace-20H by Y Matsumoto from OK Model Pilot : Added kit review from R/C Model World May 1987, thanks to RFJ.

10/07/2018 : PlanID=10234 : Compensator by Rhett Miller from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

10/07/2018 : PlanID=10230 : Spectrum by Jim Casale from Flying Models : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

10/07/2018 : General News : Hello everyone - I'm home from my holiday. Just starting to catch up with your emails now. It may take a while but I'll get there, I promise :) Please be patient in the meantime! Mary x

...more updates


Latest Plans text listing

ABC Robin - Philip Kent - 51in IC R/C
Libelle - Gustav Aldinger - 61in Glider F/F
Wild Weasel - Jeffrey E Petersen - 24in IC R/C
Polikarpov Po-2 - Hurst Bowers - 48in Scale IC...
Razor - Carl Dowdy - 20in IC R/C
Novi III - Dave Gierke - 56in IC C/L
Hawker Tomtit - 52in Scale IC R/C
Miss Kell - Bob Whitley - 52in IC C/L
Fairchild 22 - Dick Gates - 25in Scale Rubber...
Omega - George Caldwell - 51in IC R/C
Flying Cloud - 36in Rubber F/F
Falke R5 - H Beerrlage, A Michalik Duisberg -...
Coupe d Hiver - J Morriset - 33in Rubber F/F
Model B2 Chummy - DJ Debelak - 41in Scale...
Humbug MkI - John White - 34in Rubber F/F
Super Neptun - Radoslav Cizek - 62in Glider F/F
Oomph - Dressler - 19in IC F/F
Fittleworth Flyer - FH Boxall - 44in Rubber F/F
Super Aeromaster - Lou Andrews - 48in IC R/C
Coccinelle - HE Males - 48in F/F
Hi-Flier Endurance - 20in Rubber
Fairchild Model 22 - 18in Scale Rubber F/F
Barnstormer 15T - 48in IC R/C
Hummer - Bill Winter, John Hunton - 62in IC R/C
Compensator - Rhett Miller - 64in IC R/C
Moth Minor - 71in Scale IC R/C
Bumble Bee - Dave Goodenough - 20in IC F/F
Super Cub PA-18 - 105in Scale IC R/C
Spectrum - Jim Casale - 56in IC C/L
DH 88 Comet - Alan Sewell - 46in Scale Electric...
Juiblex - Mike Lidberg - 30in Rubber F/F
FSW-5 Firebrand - Malcolm Saunders - 57in IC...
Carnival - David Boddington - 50in IC R/C
Cri-Key and Fantail - Howard Boys - 54in IC...
Comet - J Alan Hulme - 66in Scale Glider R/C
Peggy Sue - Peter Miller - 50in IC R/C
Ole Tiger - Dan Santich - 74in Scale IC R/C
Knight Errant - Dave Chinery - 40in IC C/L
RC Jay - Bob Ferris - 63in IC R/C
Barnstormer 25S - 51in IC R/C
Spartan - AJ Dorrell - 41in IC C/L
Firehawk - John F Clarke - 126in Glider R/C
Metro Gnome - DR Mann - 17in IC R/C
F-51 Mustang - 26in IC C/L
Mini Sailor - Ken Willard - 44in Glider R/C
Checkmate - John Jo - 36in IC C/L
Seamaster - Ken Willard - 60in IC R/C
Ghoulie II - Keith Thomas - 27in Glider R/C
Lo Zigolo - Guido Fea - 39in Rubber F/F
Class C - Wayne Fulmer - 30in Rubber F/F

...more plans



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Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download these plans.

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What is the difference between Outerzone and VinPlanDex? Well...

VinPlanDex is is an exhaustive and complete index of every plan that has ever been posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread.

In comparison Outerzone is a slightly random collection of plans in PDF format. Outerzone does not include all the plans posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread. At a guess, only about 80%. Some plans on here are not from that thread. Also, some are direct submissions.

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