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We collect and share plans of vintage and old-timer flying model airplanes. For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since 2011. No need to login, just grab and go.

Thanks to you all, there are now 10,902 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us!


Latest Plans

Here are the 12 newest plan uploads. For more, see the Browse Plans pages

Record Hound - 11260Record Hound
72in span
Plan Details
Delgado Flash - 11259Delgado Flash
Scale Rubber F/F
13in span
Plan Details
Wild Beat 120 - 11258Wild Beat 120
76in span
Plan Details
Quickie 100 - 11257Quickie 100
22in span
Plan Details
Ruffy - 11256Ruffy
50in span
Plan Details
Vought XF5U-1 - 11255Vought XF5U-1
Scale Electric R/C
32in span
Plan Details
El Promedio - 11254El Promedio
56in span
Plan Details
Bristol Blenheim - 11253Bristol Blenheim
Scale Electric R/C
60in span
Plan Details
Extra 260 - 11252Extra 260
Scale IC R/C
94in span
Plan Details
Piper Comanche - 11251Piper Comanche
Scale IC R/C
76in span
Plan Details
Spacewalker - 11250Spacewalker
Scale IC R/C
78in span
Plan Details
Westland Lysander - 11249Westland Lysander
Scale Rubber F/F
23in span
Plan Details


Model Photo Gallery

This is a random selection of just 4 of the photos you sent us. Click here to see the full Gallery

Westland Lysander - 11249
Citabria 20 - oz3485 - DanielE
Westland Lysander - 11249
Spezi - oz7906 - Achim
Westland Lysander - 11249
Vicomte 1915 - oz5077 - DriesNeyrinck
Westland Lysander - 11249
Vicomte 1915 - oz5077 - DriesNeyrinck

Latest Comments

I downloaded the plans for the Eastwind 100 but the parts that were traced on (that would be the ribs etc) were not accurate and the ribs and spars were shifting about when I tried to fit everything together. Would anyone have a copy of...
jetjan : Eastwind 100 : 16/06/2019

Yes it is, but you'll have the Greens at your door for the amount of rain forest this Flapjack eats :-)
Miguel Morao : Vought XF5U-1 : 15/06/2019

Nice CAD file!
Gene Rock : Vought XF5U-1 : 15/06/2019

I get a 'kick' out of the designer's comment in the article about the wingwalk and door outline being on the wrong side of the fuselage! It IS shown correctly on the plan... even the big guys make mistakes now and then!
Dave D : Piper Comanche : 14/06/2019

Does anyone have a wing rib template for this plan?
Greg Knipp : Henderson Glenny Gadfly : 13/06/2019

The description is correct. It doesn't say it's 1/12 scale, it says 1/2 inch scale (half inch scale), and of course, a half inch is 1/24th of 1 foot.
RCYEAGER : Consolidated B-24D Liberator : 13/06/2019

Lots of people used to say that it didn't have enough dihedral. It certainly looks that way to me.
Lincoln : Metrick : 12/06/2019

To ronco, You can get a cowl like the one in the yellow and red picture just the way I did - by building from balsa and plywood then covering it with silk. I made a bulkhead the shape I wanted at the firewall from 1/8" ply with cut outs...
Doug Weaver : Dreamer : 11/06/2019

Give this more dihedral than is noted on the plan.....the most you can stand! Otherwise it is a very calm weather airplane.
Tom Arnold : Martin Baker MB-5 : 11/06/2019

Hello, attached are two photos of my Twinger for Outerzone [model photo & more pics 006]. Many thanks for your outstanding website.
TonyAccurso_CA : Twinger : 11/06/2019

Last summer I wrote off my original Ridge Runt on a windy day when it inexplicably decided to emulate a fence post in the hillside. I realised it had become my 'go-to' model for slope soaring with the club so, having dug out the reusable...
RussellH : Ridge Runt : 11/06/2019

Dear Outerzone team, please find attached pics of Soarcerer from plan ID oz8762 [more pics 008-010].
KevinSmith_Gloucester : Soarcerer : 11/06/2019

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Latest Site Updates

15/06/2019 : PlanID=882 : Double Whammy by Walton Hughes from Air Trails Annual : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

14/06/2019 : PlanID=1926 : Hawker Hurricane by Walt Musciano from American Modeler Annual : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

13/06/2019 : PlanID=2135 : El Dobo by Dick Everett from Air Trails : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (removed noise and paper creases), thanks to Pilgrim.

13/06/2019 : PlanID=2135 : El Dobo by Dick Everett from Air Trails : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

13/06/2019 : PlanID=11251 : Piper Comanche by Ralph Jackson from American Modeler : Added article (at good, higher resolution), thanks to RFJ.

12/06/2019 : PlanID=2142 : Stunt Champ by LW Curtis from Air Trails : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

12/06/2019 : PlanID=4911 : Viking by Tom Williams from RCMplans : The rights for the Viking Mk1 and Mk2 rest with Sky Bench Aerotech, see their site at for more details. As of June 2019 Skybench (under new owner Scott Black) are hoping to have Viking kits available this summer. Scott asked us to add a link to the site here...

12/06/2019 : PlanID=5116 : Olympic II by Lee Renaud from Airtronics, RCMplans : The rights for the Olympic II rest with Sky Bench Aerotech, see their site at for more details. As of June 2019 Skybench (under new owner Scott Black) are hoping to have Olympic II kits available this summer. Scott asked us to add a link to the site here..."

12/06/2019 : PlanID=1974 : Sopwith Camel by Vintage1 : Have shuffled this listing around a little. Unpacked the zipfile, replaced the main planfile (bitmap) with a clearer copy at full size. Moved vector file to supplement, for anyone who wants to re-size this one.

11/06/2019 : PlanID=2147 : Poco by Woody Blanchard from American Modeler : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

11/06/2019 : PlanID=2082 : Sidewinder by Gerald Zeigenfuse from Flying Models : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

10/06/2019 : PlanID=2479 : Denight Special from American Modeler : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

10/06/2019 : PlanID=2329 : Fox Feathers by Jack Shane, George Brownfield from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

10/06/2019 : PlanID=2182 : Grumman F2F-1 by Paul Plecan from American Modeler : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

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Latest Plans text listing

Record Hound - Henry Struck - 72in IC F/F
Delgado Flash - Pres Bruning - 13in Scale...
Wild Beat 120 - Y Akiba, M Kato - 76in IC R/C
Quickie 100 - Ron Shean - 22in IC R/C
Ruffy - Lew McFarland - 50in IC C/L
Vought XF5U-1 - Ken Stuhr - 32in Scale Electric...
El Promedio - Air Trails Hobbies - 56in IC F/F
Bristol Blenheim - 60in Scale Electric R/C
Extra 260 - Rodrigo Maia - 94in Scale IC R/C
Piper Comanche - Ralph Jackson - 76in Scale IC...
Spacewalker - Emil Agosta - 78in Scale IC R/C
Westland Lysander - Robert Harrison - 23in...
Avanti - Robert Baron - 60in IC C/L
Cazador - Buzz Waltz - 100in Glider R/C
Bantam - Philip Kent - 49in IC R/C
Firecracker - Bob Root - 58in Scale IC R/C
Henderson Glenny Gadfly - Keith Sterner - 30in...
Rivets - Mark Drela - 13in Scale Rubber F/F
Swine Flew - Eckhardt Calder - 38in IC R/C
Roter Milan - Gerd Lang - 81in Glider R/C
Horse-Fly - LeRoy Satterlee - 34in Electric R/C
Mig-8 Utka - Hal Swanson - 21in Scale Rubber...
Kathy's Clown - Cliff Stone - 51in IC R/C
Fairey Fulmar - Mike Nassise - 16in Scale...
Chance Vought Crusader - ER Atkins - 28in Scale...
Super Antares - Jaroslav Broz - 58in IC F/F
Folkerts Toots - Ralph Kuenz - 13in Scale...
Bantam - A Hakansson - 47in Glider F/F
Crusader - Bob Romeiser - 39in Rubber F/F
Twinger - LeRoy Satterlee - 26in Electric R/C
Cassutt - K Jenkins - 26in Scale IC R/C
Goon - Dave Livesay - 16in Scale Rubber F/F
Velero - Buzz Waltz - 76in Glider R/C
Patriot - Gene Monat - 43in IC F/F
Falcao TR-2 - 29in IC C/L
A-6 Intruder - Jim Kirkland - 62in IC R/C
Ryan STA Special - Burnis Fields - 91in Scale...
Rumpler Taube - Art Reiners - 25in Scale Rubber...
Box of Delights - Geoff Sprawson - 45in IC R/C
Apteryx - Robert Mellen - 46in IC C/L
Bleriot XI - Art Reiners - 26in Scale IC F/F
Fairey Spearfish - Dave Livesay - 20in Scale...
Avro 504N - 56in Scale IC R/C
Polikarpov I-16 Mosca - 13in Scale Rubber F/F
Microplan Veloz - Peter Rake - 36in Scale...
Goticus - Santiago Rodriguez - 86in Glider F/F
Roll-o - Vincent Bonnema - 60in IC R/C
Sula Bird - Buzz Waltz - 100in Glider R/C
Morane Saulnier 225 C1 - Jean Destelle - 88in...
Smirnoff - Pres Bruning - 16in Scale Rubber F/F

...more plans



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