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Outerzone is... aeromodelling

We collect and share plans of vintage and old-timer flying model airplanes. For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since 2011. No need to login, just grab and go.

Thanks to you all, there are now 11,104 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us!


Latest Plans

Here are the 12 newest plan uploads. For more, see the Browse Plans pages

Ephemeris - 11462Ephemeris
60in span
Plan Details
Staudacher 300 GS - 11461Staudacher 300 GS
Scale IC R/C
66in span
Plan Details
Taylorcraft Auster III - 11460Taylorcraft Auster III
Scale Rubber F/F
24in span
Plan Details
P-51 Mustang - 11459P-51 Mustang
38in span
Plan Details
Maverick - 11458Maverick
Glider R/C
74in span
Plan Details
Halton HAC-2 Minus - 11457Halton HAC-2 Minus
Rubber F/F
22in span
Plan Details
Mr Funster - 11456Mr Funster
44in span
Plan Details
Westland Widgeon IIIA - 11455Westland Widgeon IIIA
Scale Electric R/C
48in span
Plan Details
Mitey Atom - 11454Mitey Atom
11in span
Plan Details
Snoopey II - 11453Snoopey II
102in span
Plan Details
Messerchmitt Bf109E-3 - 11452Messerchmitt Bf109E-3
Scale Electric R/C
50in span
Plan Details
Fast Cat 2 - 11451Fast Cat 2
Rubber F/F
13in span
Plan Details


Model Photo Gallery

This is a random selection of just 4 of the photos you sent us. Click here to see the full Gallery

Fast Cat 2 - 11451
Cessna - 1911 - oz279 - JohnWitt
Fast Cat 2 - 11451
Cessna - 1911 - oz279 - JohnWitt
Fast Cat 2 - 11451
Cessna - 1911 - oz279 - JohnWitt
Fast Cat 2 - 11451
Cessna - 1911 - oz279 - JohnWitt

Latest Comments

Nice looking ship, very sleek and I like that tall rudder, gives the model a unique appearance. But it seems there is some information missing from the plan. The article references two different wingspan layouts and also mentions root and...
Phil Bernhardt : Maverick : 22/08/2019

Hi Mary, My father, Al Holmes, built this Commodore and converted it to electric power and R/C [model photo & more pics 005-007]. He's still building, designing and flying at age 88. You have some of his designs represented in Outerzone:...
EricHolmes : Commodore : 21/08/2019

After downloading the plan I see that is based on a slightly later model Spitfire and is indeed smaller than mine. Mine has the six small exhaust stacks and is clearly based on the prototype. I will try to get mine copied and put on a...
Richard Skerrett : Supermarine Spitfire I : 21/08/2019

I have this plan or one very similar but mine is just a bit less than 24" span
Richard Skerrett : Supermarine Spitfire I : 21/08/2019

Added colour photo of Morris HF (Graziano Pagni's Morris HF at 1969 Bremen World Championship) thanks to to gghisleri who posted it on RCGroups, see SteveWMD : Morris HF : 20/08/2019

Pre Star Wars X wing fighter! Very interest and imaginative model.
Gene : Mitey Atom : 20/08/2019

Hello, Great to find this article and read your comments. Laurie Ackroyd was my father and I still have the original model, carefully displayed and admired by all who see it. Murray Ackroyd, Timaru, New Zealand.
Murray Ackroyd : Piper Comanche : 20/08/2019

If anyone could submit an English translation of the text from the catalog page(s), describing the Snoopey II in more detail, that would be really useful [edit: done now, many thanks].
SteveWMD : Snoopey II : 19/08/2019

One of the best designs. I built two. They have great performance.
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Playboy Senior : 19/08/2019

Hello, I send you more photos of my Miss America [more pics 004-006].
Néstor : Miss America : 17/08/2019

Another model that gives me many satisfactions oz5315 [morepics 003-005], regards,
Antonio : Saper 13 : 17/08/2019

It looks like the correct page address is now:
SteveWMD : Saper 13 : 17/08/2019

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Latest Site Updates

21/08/2019 : PlanID=11453 : Snoopey II from Hegi : Added English translation of 'About this plan' text, taken from the Hegi catalogue pages, many thanks to ChrisPinn.

21/08/2019 : PlanID=11455 : Westland Widgeon IIIA by Peter Rake : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

19/08/2019 : PlanID=4461 : Aeronca Sedan by Ron Young from Mercury : Added kit instructions, thanks to PeteNewman.

19/08/2019 : PlanID=11453 : Snoopey II from Hegi : Added PDF of full brochure entry (2 pages), thanks to Pit.

19/08/2019 : PlanID=11445 : Miss Science by Frank Zaic : Replaced this plan now with a much clearer scan at higher resolution, thanks to Nestor.

18/08/2019 : PlanID=2490 : Gorgeous Gertie by Paul Del Gatto from Air Trails : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

18/08/2019 : PlanID=11447 : Dee Bee IV by Don Brown from American Modeler : Added colour pics of Don Brown with Dee Bee IV, thanks to JMP.

17/08/2019 : PlanID=7555 : Cessna Skylane from Veron : Added kit instructions, thanks to Eduardo.

17/08/2019 : PlanID=11440 : Cal State Champion by Bill Atwood : Added modelpic, scan of advert and scan of layout drawing, thanks to Fizz.

15/08/2019 : PlanID=7486 : Striker by Peter Russell from RCME : Added additional article from MAN October 1969, thanks to RFJ.

15/08/2019 : PlanID=2614 : Payloader by Don McGovern from Air Trails : Have changed the designer on this one to Don McGovern, thanks to Eduardo. It is safe to say the Bill Effinger credit in Air Trails was for writing the article text, but the model itself was designed by Don McGovern.

14/08/2019 : PlanID=11436 : Microjet II by Michael Van Staagen from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to GerritL.

13/08/2019 : PlanID=23 : Hawker Typhoon 1B by PE Norman from Aeromodeller : Added build notes (5 pages), thanks to SBurling.

11/08/2019 : PlanID=11429 : Thermalist by R Minney from Aeromodeller : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

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Latest Plans text listing

Ephemeris - R Jess Krieser - 60in IC F/F
Staudacher 300 GS - Brad Shepherd - 66in Scale...
Taylorcraft Auster III - Derek Buckmaster -...
P-51 Mustang - Tom Stryker - 38in IC R/C
Maverick - W Worthington - 74in Glider R/C
Halton HAC-2 Minus - Tom Nallen - 22in Rubber...
Mr Funster - Ted Teisler - 44in IC R/C
Westland Widgeon IIIA - Peter Rake - 48in Scale...
Mitey Atom - Eric Clutton - 11in IC F/F
Snoopey II - 102in IC R/C
Messerchmitt Bf109E-3 - Andreas Diercks - 50in...
Fast Cat 2 - John Walker - 13in Rubber F/F
Kirby Kadet - Ted Off - 30in Scale Glider R/C
Birdman - Ray Malmstrom - 13in Jetex F/F
F-105F Profile - Richard Schrader - 17in IC C/L
Dee Bee IV - Don Brown - 64in R/C
Bucker Jungmeister - HW Taylor - 58in Scale IC...
Miss Science - Frank Zaic - 76in IC F/F
Hiperbipe - Larry Kruse - 36in IC C/L
Alexander Bullet - Phil Kent - 63in Scale IC...
Tutor Too Classic - Dave Hemstraught - 48in IC...
Monocopter - Bill Hannan - 11in Rubber F/F
Cal State Champion - Bill Atwood - 60in IC F/F
Elias Airsport - George Meyer - 13in Scale...
Cyclone Sportster - Ted Vogel - 82in IC F/F
Dormoy Bathtub - Al Lidberg - 22in Scale CO2...
Microjet II - Michael Van Staagen - 22in IC R/C
Jaws IV - Tony Spillane - 36in Electric R/C
Jaws II - Tony Spillane - 32in IC R/C
Kynoep - P Corbieres - 81in Glider F/F
Akromaster - Phil Boretto - 32in Scale IC C/L
Gloster Gladiator - HW Taylor - 56in Scale IC...
Innovation - Peter Tindal - 59in IC R/C
Thermalist - R Minney - 136in Glider F/F
Unknown - Unknown - 47in Glider F/F
Lecky - Dennis Tapsfield - 48in Electric R/C
Nebula - Roy Yeabsley - 72in Glider F/F
Magnum 64-Cycle - Joe Makovich - 66in
Hawker Hurricane I - Tom Nallen - 20in Scale...
World Record Glider - Robert File - 37in Glider...
Interceptor 5 - Hal deBolt - 68in IC R/C
L-Spatz 55 - Mario Raab - 155in Scale Glider...
M-27 - 34in Glider F/F
Gull Sport - AG Lennon - 64in IC R/C
Fokker Super Universal - Pres Bruning - 18in...
Junior Falcon EP - Jim Zare - 37in Electric R/C
Classical Gas - Clarence Haught - 52in IC C/L
Orlik - Radoslav Cizek - 80in Glider F/F
Custom B - Len Marlow - 56in IC F/F
Miss Blue Bird - 31in Rubber F/F

...more plans



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