The Joy of Aeromodelling

The Joy of Aeromodelling - Mary
I didn't know much about model airplanes before I started helping Steve with Outerzone 18 months ago. I still don't know much about model airplanes, but feel I've learned a little since then. ...more

Bugaboo - Aeromodelling as  an Art Project

Bugaboo - Aeromodelling as an Art Project - JoostBakker
The Bugaboo was two things for me: a model airplane as is known, and an art project as will be known after reading all this. I myself started aeromodelling in 1971. I had many hobbies but this would be one that took quite a chunk of my time... ...more

Choosing Brushless Motors to fit Vintage Models

Choosing Brushless Motors to fit Vintage Models - ChrisPinn
My way of choosing modern brushless components for vintage model aircraft designs. This explanation is meant for vintage style FF and RC models of around 30-50in span. I have little experience with very small or very large models, so we're talking Tomboys, Matadors, Deacons, Cardinals... ...more

Build a High Power Amp Meter for less than $10

Build a High Power Amp Meter for less than $10 - DougSmith
Build a high power amp meter for less than $10 - much less if you already have a digital meter. If you have an electric powered model, the number one thing you need to know is: How many amps does your motor pull from the battery? If you don't know this... ...more

RC Electric Basics

RC Electric Basics - DougSmith
What motor, battery and speed control do I need for my ____ model? This is the number one question everybody asks when building their first electric R/C model or converting an existing aircraft to electric power. Of course there are the three most important rules of electric R/C, and they are... ...more

Outerzone and the David Baker Heritage Library

Outerzone and the David Baker Heritage Library - SteveWMD
Outerzone are adding more plans, in partnership with the David Baker Heritage Library (DBHL). DBHL have just sent us through an archive of 2,874 plan files in PDF format. DBHL are happy for us to add all of them to the Outerzone site and host them as free downloads as part of the Outerzone collection... ...more

Something in the Air

Something in the Air - AndyCoutts
I received some very old photos from my mother of my father's modelling days from the '50s and '60s. My mother was spring cleaning and going to toss everything out. My father, Sandy Coutts, came out from Scotland to Rhodesia in the early '50s and was one of the pioneers of RC. ...more

My First R/C

My First R/C - DougSmith
It was the Fall of 1961 when me and my two buddies, Al Saliba and Joey Richards decided to build R/C models. We had already been constructing other types, control line, free flight, rubber power and gliders when we went for the big time, R/C. Of course, none of us had ever seen an R/C model fly ...more