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Two archive photos from Andy Coutts [more pics 013, 014].
Mary : Q-Tee : 18/01/2017

Added more vintage photos, thanks to Andy Coutts [more pics 006, 007].
Mary : Contender : 18/01/2017

Just added two more photos from Andy Coutts' extensive archives [more pics 004, 005]. Thanks Andy :)
Mary : Falcon 56 Mk II : 18/01/2017

Something more from the archives: two different models of the Live Wire Champ by Hal de Bolt [more pics 003-005].
AndyCoutts : Live Wire Champion Mk III : 18/01/2017

Hi Mary and Steve - My Ju-52 (ID:8333), built from Graupner kit, several years ago [more pics 004-008]. Silkspan covered and decorated with the colours of the Spanish Civil War. Graupner kit motorisation (3 Speed 400 and NiCad battery). Functional flaps. Hitec radio. Saludos from Spain.
JesusAbellan : Junkers 52 : 17/01/2017

George Mueller was our neighbor in Phoenix, Arizona. I remember visiting his shop where he also fabricated engines under the name "Stinger". George and his son were fixtures in UC speed. I on the other hand flew the more mundane free-flight in comparison.
TCunningham : Winder : 17/01/2017

Hello friends: some photos of the Gentle Lady [more pics 005-007]. I have lost three in thermal. I still have a kit to assemble and my son has another almost finished. When the spring allows us to leave to fly them, we will send more photos.
AntonioRG : Gentle Lady : 16/01/2017

Many thanks to Newt for finding the model pic for this one, in an ad from GHQ in MAN, March 1935.
SteveWMD : Northrop Gamma : 16/01/2017

Today I send you some new photos of our secondary activity: RC sailplanes. The Birds of Time are something very special for my son and I. We have won several National Championships and we do not stop to keep and fly a few [more pics 006].
AntonioRG : Bird of Time : 16/01/2017

From Popular Aviation Sep. 1935. It seems that in the same mag there is a plan for a 43in WS version too. I love this flying boat too and there is a nice 73in Ws engined plan in MAN Oct. 1942 if friends are interested.
Pit : Fairchild Amphibian : 14/01/2017

Wondering if someone has the "Popular Aviation" article to supplement this Fairchild Amphibian plan by Paul Lindberg? It was submitted by Planeman in 2011. Online attempts to find the 1935 issue have been futile. Thanks, Steve!!
DonT : Fairchild Amphibian : 13/01/2017

I finished off the replacement Caprice and it flew beautifully. I have to concur with Sundancer - this is one of the finest free flight towline gliders ever designed. Here are some photos of the Caprice, flying with the birds [more pics 018-024].
AndyCoutts : Caprice : 13/01/2017

Here with a photo of my first RC Model, a Pilot kit of the QB2500 sail plane [more pics 005]. Could only afford radio once I was a working man. Can promise you I don't look anything like that skinny policeman today.
AndyCoutts : QB 2500 : 12/01/2017

Hi Mary. As mentioned earlier, something from the archives. Our shop kit builder, Agustine, is holding a 25cc Big Stik he built for promotional purposes, in the photo [more pics 004].
AndyCoutts : Big Stik : 12/01/2017

Something from the archives: the photo is of the "Not-For-Sale", scratch built off plan from one of the mags [more pics 003]. We used to kit this when I owned "The" Hobby Shop, with my partner, Barry Hunt.
AndyCoutts : Notforsale : 12/01/2017

Compliments of the season to you all. I'm back at work after a Christmas break, was able to finish off the replacement Caprice and Marauder, and test fly them before the rains set in. Both flew beautifully, unfortunately the Marauder landed in a ditch/storm water drain. No damage thankfully. Sending over a few photos [more pics 009-015]. Ditch and all, Lindsay as usual did a great job.
AndyCoutts : Marauder : 12/01/2017

Hi my friends, this my Beaver built from plans by Ed Westwood [more pics 003, 004]. I changed the float for landing gear. Constructed in balsa, plywood, fiberglass, covered with Monokote and colors of Aerotaxi of Colombia in '60s years. It's powered by O.S 61 four stroke and futaba radio 7 channel. It is a beautiful plane and great flying model. Greetings from Colombia. Thank you.
CarlosAB : DHC-2 Beaver : 12/01/2017

Hi Steve & Mary, Since I was the one who begged for this plan on rcgroups I thought it right to share a photo of the resultant model [more pics 003]. I began cutting strips and constructing the model about 20.00 on New Year's Eve as a last effort to build a model to completion in 2016. By 23.00 it was done. Could have been quicker but I was using white glue! It hasn't flown yet but I foresee no issues.
SimonP : Delta Dart : 12/01/2017

Hi Steve and Mary, here's my yellow VICOMPTE by Svenson [more pics 008]. Equipped with 4cc OS FSR abc, it's a very good model with open hull. Covered with SOLAR FILM - very cheap stuff.
JulienVermeire : Vicomte 1915 : 12/01/2017

Here are my two yellow AZIZO gliders, 30 and 15 years old [more pics 007, 008]. Flew quite a lot in the French mountains.
JulienVermeire : Azizo : 12/01/2017

Hi Steve and Mary, here is my red POLO by Svenson [more pics 005]. This is equipped with a 2.5 cc OS FP. This engine is quiet, by his double room exhaust. The POLO is very lightly built, covered with ORACOVER, with my old 35 Mgz Graupner transmitter. Thank you for OUTER ZONE site.
JulienVermeire : Polo : 12/01/2017

Here are a few photos of my PB-2 electric, wingspan 84" [more pics 005-007]. Beautiful soarer, but also easy to fly exactly where you drive it. Tail very effective. Touch and go very slowly like a dream. Originally I covered it with Oratex Antique, but it was heavy and poor of spirit. Now I have re-covered it with nylon and it is more light. Weight now 2020 gr. ready to fly with battery.
Luigi : PB-2 : 11/01/2017

Thank you Ray, a very helpful observation. Be warned folks!
Mary : Sopwith Triplane : 11/01/2017

Hi - just building a replica of this kit from Vintage Models and your plan looks great. BUT there is an error on the original plan that make it impossible to build without reducing the lengths of the lower rear fuselage cross members (shown beneath the cockpit fairing) and the corresponding error on the upper wing centre section which is also too wide. The original designer took the lengths from the vertical members on the side view instead of the width of the fuselage as it narrows towards the tail. I'm sure anybody who is actually prepared to build it will realise, as I did, that it is wrong. Perhaps a little note with the download could help before any time or work is wasted.
RayWilkinson : Sopwith Triplane : 11/01/2017

Got it, have updated this listing now, thanks Don.
SteveWMD : FAI Hustler : 11/01/2017

Hi Steve - Have included some pictures of my 150% full-size Bugaboo, powered by the MP Jet 2.5cc Letmo replica [more pics 004-007]. We have flown Bugaboos in various sizes, from 50% upwards, for both electric and i.c. power. All have proved to be great flyers and the large one is a good alternative to the Junior 60 or Halfax Spartan, being simple to build. Regards,
DickEdwards : Bugaboo : 11/01/2017

The Hustler was first in the June-July 1962 issue of Flying Models. It was than known as the F.A.I. Hustler. It was designed by Sid Jepson and Willard Anderson.
Don : FAI Hustler : 11/01/2017

Darter was designed and used a Albon `Dart' O.5 cc diesel engine, not a Mills 0.75 cc engine.
anon : Darter III : 11/01/2017

I have probably spent way more time on it than Dad ever did at this point. Not much further to go though. The all up weight has me worried, I'll have to add another 10 ounces at the least for the motor, battery and radio, so 42-45 ounces AUW? She will fly like the real one did if it flies at all. I was happy with it until I saw the foam version coming to market soon that is just a little bit smaller and AUW is just 32 oz:
dfritzke : Gee Bee R-1 : 10/01/2017

I can add a few, e.g. most modern fighters and then the Vought V-173, the Libellula experimental, Martin XB-51, HL-10 triple fin (NASA Lifting body), Proteus by Composite Aircraft, to mention a few odd aircraft. There are more to be found like the B24 Liberator. Please enjoy these wonderful (contraptions) aircraft.
WernerSchubert : Custom Cavalier 108 : 10/01/2017

In Spain today January 6 is a party ... toys, drones and helicopters fly all over the house and I'm thinking of flying out when the cold and the ice stop. Meanwhile, a few photos [more pics 004, 005]. Greetings,
AntonioRG : Nobler : 10/01/2017

AFAIK it was single-channel with 3 *cascaded* (Bonner Varicomp) escapements, as mentioned in the plan.
UStik : Bi-Fli : 08/01/2017

Today the WINDY by SVENSON has flown, with my home built transmitter [more pics 003-006]. I built the transmitter in 1980, it still works perfectly after 37 years. Today it was really very nice weather. I chose the WINDY because it is a small model - if things go wrong, I lose a small plane. This transmitter works quite well. Thank you for the beautiful site OUTER ZONE.
JulienVermeire : Windy : 06/01/2017

Very interesting subject the Kleiner Uhu! From the very beginning it was sponsored by UHU-glues from Germany, their name is also the German word for eagle owl, so the Kleiner Uhu was nothing but a small eagle owl ... There was a big nation-wide contest with this small glider organised by UHU and Graupner, and the model was actually redesigned in 1964, 1967, 1976, 1981, 1984, 1999, 2014 and 2016 (!) For more information have a look at
ArminB : Der Kleine Uhu : 06/01/2017

Hi Mary, Steve. I was looking at the article for Jim Clem's Witch Hawk and noticed that page 3 is missing. So, I scanned it in and it is attached. It contains pretty important trimming info for anyone building this model. I have built several, both this size and the 500 version. The Witch Hawk 500 is the model for the One Design event at the 2017 U.S. Nationals.
SimonBlake : Witch Hawk : 05/01/2017

Hello Outerzone! I thought you might like to have the build article which was published a month after the plan was issued. At the end of the article it states that trimming and flying instructions would feature in the following month's issue of Aeromodeller, but I have not found another article on Ffoxy, so maybe it didn't happen.
DavidFoster : Ffoxy : 05/01/2017

Thanks to High_Start who posted the model pic of his completed QB2500 (built with ailerons) here
SteveWMD : QB 2500 : 04/01/2017

Welcome to the new year folks. Here are a couple of pictures of my Frog Junior Sailplane [more pics 006, 007]. Now we wait for spring to trim and fly. Between your site and the FROG site, I got all the info to build the plane. Thanks for providing an absolutely phenomenal site.
Mike : Junior Sailplane : 03/01/2017

Thanks Pit, got it.
SteveWMD : Piper Cub J-3 : 03/01/2017

This is not the Berkeley plan but the plan published in Air Trails Jan 1955, float on AT Feb 55 by Chuck Hollinger. Berkeley later kitted this plan (as for the PT19), but not all the parts are shown on the plan.
Pit : Piper Cub J-3 : 03/01/2017

Here are a few photos of my model MINI THERMALIST [more pics 003-005]. I have scratch built it from plans of Outerzone ID 3484. Building is more complex compared with MEDICINE MAN but it flies a little better. More complex because wing is a two pieces one.
LuigiCarlucci : Mini Thermalist : 03/01/2017

Aha, have relisted this one now as designed by Jack Laramie, thanks to Newt. Seems PDG was just the draughtsman on this one, not the designer.
SteveWMD : Zoegling : 02/01/2017

I send you a few photos of my new AIRBORN [more pics 003-005]. I have scratch built it from plans of OUTERZONE. I built it at 100 in. wingspan (250 cm.) and the total completed weight with battery is incredible, only 1.750 gr ! ! ! ! Very light ! ! !
LuigiCarlucci : Airborn : 02/01/2017

Here are photos of my TOMBOY [more pics 027-029]. I built the model scrap from plans of Outerzone.
LuigiCarlucci : Tomboy : 02/01/2017

I send you two photos of my PLAYBOY SENIOR 425 ELECTRIC [more pics 003-005]. I have built it scrap from plans in Outerzone. Wingspan 60 in; weight 470 gr.
LuigiCarlucci : Playboy Senior 425 Electric : 02/01/2017

This is SORT OF (it's somewhat enlarged) Paul Del Gatto's UC GeeBee from the MAN 1961 Annual [more pics 006-012]. My dad started building it one winter (around 1970?) and he got as far as framing up the wing and fuse, and covering with white nylon. Around 1990 I picked it up, got it to this stage. I do not have any kids of my own to finish this, so now it's up to me. Spans 42", weighs 2 pounds as you see it. Dad was not aiming for a UC model, but RC so what he had built was pretty light. I admire his plywood and 1/32" balsa cowl, but the nylon bowl I found is way more practical. The landing gear I built from lite-ply, Rohacell foam, basswood and balsa. All covered with white Solar film and painted trim. As a tribute to my Dad, I should finish this thing!
dfritzke : Gee Bee R-1 : 02/01/2017

Thank you for the C of G position, hope mine flys as well as yours.
Graham : Ethereal Lady : 01/01/2017

Some photos from the Star Modelhob meeting, June 2013 [model photo & more pics 003-007].
AntonioRG : Star : 31/12/2016

Mmmmmmme, again another nice Wilfried Klinger model plan... I love it... Cheers
Pascal : Hummel : 30/12/2016

Two photos of my last Burka Trainer for my granddaughter [more pics 009, 010]. Saludos,
AntonioRG : Burka Trainer : 29/12/2016

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Henry Haffke for bridging the gap in knowledge between the Granvilles and those of us today who hunger for accurate and useful info on this never to be seen again series of historic racers, and, of course, that debt extends to you for the same reasons. Carry on, and thank you.
JimOlson : Gee Bee Model D Sportster : 29/12/2016

Originally from MAN feb-1935, it was renamed VT-1 By Uberto Travagli of Aviominima (Roma) in magazine L'Aquilone 1938 and after war kitted as "Eoletto" and then a lightly modified (cabin) was commercialized by Movo under the name of M-27. In 1997 it was doublesized for rc and full size plan was enclosed in Modellismo magazine of Edimodel. Very unusual is the inverted lifting tailplane otherways it won't fly!
Pit : 37in Wing Span Glider : 29/12/2016

Thanks to both Pit and Pascal for checking and helping on this
SteveWMD : Bourdon : 27/12/2016

Empennage notes says that the tailplane is similar to the Mouche model tailplane, the rudders could be a little reduced, refers to the Mouche plan for tailplane info on bullettin of 16.2.1949.
Pit : Bourdon : 27/12/2016

Maybe not a missing sheet... what does the French text under the 'Empennages' heading say? Something like ...same as the 'Mouche' plan?
SteveWMD : Bourdon : 27/12/2016

Ah, good point. Funny I never even noticed there is a 2nd sheet missing from this one. Will have look and see if we can locate it. Thanks.
SteveWMD : Bourdon : 27/12/2016

Hi Mary and Steve...Wow,another fine model of the Great Mr Wilfried Klinger...Very very nice... Cheers
Pascal : Diabolo : 27/12/2016

Is tailplane and rudder coming later?
Karsten : Bourdon : 26/12/2016

Would love to see some pix of this model while under construction, if anyone should happen to have any. I bought this plan in 1955 and am now 86 years old but starting construction, mostly just for the fun of building. Don't expect to ever fly it.
DonBuck : Custom Privateer : 23/12/2016

Added Part 2 just now, thanks to Rudy :)
Mary : Eagle V : 22/12/2016

Thought I'd share this background info on Shawn's build, and link to his build thread, as sent to dfritzke: "I just wanted to send you a pic of my new La Stick that I built and say thank you for the excellent plans. It was a fun and relaxing build and I can't wait to to fly it. But I'm for the rx battery to come in. As you can see, it's pictured with a standard wing, but I got into cutting my own foam core wings within the last month and I made my first foam core wing with no dihedral and added ailerons so I can switch back and forth from standard 2ch or 3ch aerobatic flying. The AUW with battery will be 5.1 oz. less fuel. And with the foam core wing, it will be 9.1 oz. less fuel. The radio I will be using is a DX8 and the on board gear will be a Spektrum AR6100E rx, and E-Flite DS75H digital sub micro servos. Here is a link to a build thread that I did on RCGroups
Mary : La Stick : 22/12/2016

The model in the photo balances on the front wing spar and flies very well with an original mills 1.3 fitted, hopes this helps.
John : Ethereal Lady : 21/12/2016

Hi Mary - Here are a couple of photos of the Mercury Viper I built back in the '80s [more pics 005, 006]. Fun to build and fun to fly! All the best,
ChrisPinn : Viper : 20/12/2016

Here is another foto of my Sporty Forty [more pics 009]. It is an extremely well performing model.
LambertOosting : Sporty Forty : 20/12/2016

Nice to see some of these old Jetex models again, they were a popular way to build a jet powered aircraft, as long as it was small. The one I built, an f-102 delta, possibly by the same author, flew very well with a Jetex 50 motor. The main trouble I had was the humid Summer weather we enjoyed in LA (that's Lower Alabama) ruining the Jetex fuel pellets. They came in a small cardboard box that would fit in a wide mouth mayonnaise jar to keep them dry. Otherwise they would suck up moisture from the air and wouldn't light. Burn time of the fuel pellets was only about five seconds, which was plenty to get the model up pretty high once it got moving. As with all rockets, the faster it goes the better it works, and the last second of burn time built up some speed. I had to ride my bicycle to a nearby schoolyard to fly my F-102, no yard being large enough to contain it. Then I had a brilliant idea to soup up my Jetex with homemade rocket fuel, potassium nitrate melted in a pan with sugar, then poured into the Jetex housing. With the Jetex laid on a brick outside, I lit the fuse and stood back. Instead of launching like I intended, the housing spun around in a cloud of smoke, burning a hole in the side of the Jetex nozzle, too much power I guess. I don't know if Jetex is still available, haven't seen one in a long time, fun though a little messy.
DougSmith : X-15 : 19/12/2016

Does anyone have part 2? Would you be willing to scan and share it with us? We'll be very grateful :)
Mary : Eagle V : 19/12/2016

Do you have Part 2 of this article? Thank You.
spitfireflyby : Eagle V : 19/12/2016

Hello, herewith a (rather poor, I'm afraid) picture of the Aile Volante Oflag IVD [more pics 003] and a document telling some of the history behind it as told by Jean Simon [suppl. file]. It was designed and first built during WW2 by French prisoners in a German camp for officers. Also, it is known in vintage French modelling circles by the complete name "Aile Volante Oflag IVD" (Aile Volante merely means Flying Wing).
JMP : Aile Volante Oflag IVD : 19/12/2016

Hello - some fotos of my Westerly electric [more pics 012-014]. Span 1500, length 1050, 1800 gram, 34+7,7 wing area, 38 wing load, motor eflite 15serie840kv, ESC 40A, bat 3S4500, prop 11x8.
Marc : Westerly III : 19/12/2016

In reference to your plan ID 2146 - Martin B-26 from Air Trails, 49" span, the plan download page says "No model photo found for this plan". My late Father built an RC model from this plan in the 1970s. I have attached a couple of photos of the model [model photo & more pics 003-005]. If you wish to use them, please feel free to do so.
JimHoustonJr : Martin B-26 : 19/12/2016

The plan doesn't show the C of G do you know where it should be? Best Regards,
GrahamB : Ethereal Lady : 16/12/2016

Model photo taken by Steve Betts, found online at "Aeroflyte Scorpio. Built in 1978 from a kit, (that's 36 years ago). I still have the plane and the box it came in ! 48" wingspan .25 OS 4 channel"
dfritzke : Scorpio : 16/12/2016

This is all we have. In many cases, kit plans didn't show drawings of the ready-made parts that came in the box. Perhaps that was the case here. Can anyone shed any light on this?
Mary : Flying Fool : 16/12/2016

I am building a old Sterling Flying X Fool kit, but was missing the plans. I got them from your site, but it's only a part template sheet and the wing plans. Do you have the fuselage sections??
GaRy : Flying Fool : 16/12/2016

Hello Steve & Mary! I recently build one Model from your plans collection, the "Sharkface" by Eric Clutton. Here are some pics [more pics 009-011]. It flies very well and fast (around 110km/h) on a Dymond 2714 Outrunner using 3s 1000mA Lipos and APC 6x5 Prop. Current draw is 12 A on the ground. Mine got very tail heavy, so lengthening the fuselage by half an inch would be a good idea.
SebastianK : Sharkface : 16/12/2016

Here is a picture of my Pitts [model photo]. I used my printer to print the tissue paper and made a laminated prop form wooden business cards. Thanks for your great work.
JimBarber : Pitts Special : 16/12/2016

Hello, For this plan, I found this picture of Pierre Dupin (a truly great modeller and friend now deceased) with an electric powered "Surpriz" in his left hand and a regular rubber powered one in his right hand [model photo]. It shows what an elegant yet competitive design Rene Jossien could come up with. I think the Surpriz is a 1959 design of his. Best modelling regards.
JMP : Surpriz : 16/12/2016

I have to confess I have never actually built a model of any type, just watched admiringly from the sidelines as Steve builds his. One of my resolutions for 2017 is to scratch-build at least one plane. Maybe I'll make it the Phantom :)
Mary : Phantom MK2 : 16/12/2016

Hi Mary, Here are a couple of photos of the KK Phantom I built in the '80s with a PAW diesel [more pics 005, 006]. If you fit a big engine, they fly a bit faster. If you fit a small engine, they fly a bit slower. Whatever engine you fit, they just go round and round. But they will show you the fun of control line flying and you just HAVE to build one sometime.
ChrisPinn : Phantom MK2 : 15/12/2016

Latest project is a classic Ugly Stik, most popular model ever built, worldwide. Right now, I'm re-drawing the plans to lighten it up a bit for electric power, same size as the original, built as a low wing taildragger. As to how it got its name, when Phil Kraft showed up at the field with his first version, the guys present said, "Damn, Phil, that thing looks like it was beat with an ugly stick". The rest is history.
DougSmith : Das Ugly Stick : 15/12/2016

OK, the scan of the original CB-28 glider plan is now on Outerzone, here CB-28 oz8239
Mary : CB 28 : 15/12/2016

Fuselage former 7, is missing. There are also other parts missing. I have studied the plans I downloaded and printed, and there simply isn't a pattern for former 7.
anon : Boeing F4B-4 : 13/12/2016

I just added Shawn's pictures to the Gallery, as they were missing for some reason. Shawn's model is powered by a Pee Wee .020 and weighs 5.1 oz. ready to fly less fuel.
Mary : La Stick : 13/12/2016

Hi Mary and Steve... "Ailbass" or correctly written "Ail basse" is a French word and it means "Low wing" Cheers
Pascal : Ailbass : 13/12/2016

Hi Steve, Here's a photo of me and my Berkley Brigadier from plan 238 [more pics 003]. It is powered by a Forster .29 ignition engine and is surprisingly competitive in SAM competition. The photo was taken at the 2014 SAM Championships in Muncie, Indiana. I've also flown it in oldtimer competition at the U.S. Nationals and the Empire (NY) State Championships. It does tend to hang on the prop and needs about three degrees downthrust. SAM USA recently extended the Oldtimer cutoff date from 1942 to 1950, so I am looking at build a Super Brigadier which is basically the same model but with a polyhedral wing. It's easy to build and Hank Struck designed it, so you know it's going to be a good flier. Thanks for all the good work!
SimonBlake : Brigadier : 13/12/2016

Here are some pictures of my Super Condor [more pics 012-016]. I downloaded the PDF and redrew it in AutoCad. I had the parts laser cut.
JimKatz : Super Condor : 12/12/2016

Steve and Mary, I down loaded all three Excel files and they are large! It seemed like they had every drawing for every model ever published. There will be some gems for your site but many duplications.
Gene : Viewpoint 3 : 12/12/2016

Hello Steve and Mary, attached two pictures of my restored Chico [more pics 006, 007]. Airframe found for 10 pounds on a second-hand site. Electro setup with a NTM 3536 1800 kv engine. 4 s 2500 mAh lipo, 6,5x6,5 graupner speedprop, 60A esc and hs81 servo's.
DriesNeyrinck : Chico : 12/12/2016

The infamous BD-5. I have a little experience with this model. Sometime in the mid 70's, Ed Burquez, whom I worked with, bought a BD-5 kit after rave reviews in the full size aviation magazines. I saw it once while he was building the fuselage, all aluminum held together with flush pop rivets, not a a simple thing to assemble. I couldn't believe how really small it was, but Ed could just barely fit into the slim fuselage. Later, he discovered he would have to lose weight if he wanted to put gas in it without exceeding the maximum weight requirements. Ed's kit was incomplete, major parts like landing gear and controls were yet to be delivered. About that time the first kits were being completed, and the main problem was the engine, located deep in the fuselage just behind the pilot. They would run long enough to get off the runway, then quit, usually because of overheating. All the first engines were converted snowmobile 2-cycle models with a belt drive to the prop shaft. Cooling issues frequently caused overheating, resulting in a dead stick condition at the worst possible time. Ed never received the wings for his kit, having lost interest after all the early deaths. I think he sold the remains several years later, probably very cheap. About the same time Ed bought his kit, I took one of his 3-views from his brochure and built a small balsa glider to see how it would fly. I used the long wing version Ed had ordered, with a profile fuselage and wings carved to an airfoil section. It sure looked short. Flew that way too. A simple hand glide flew pretty well, but a stronger hand launch refused to recover from a stall, turning sideways and falling out of the sky like a leaf. I gave the unsuccessful model to Ed, which may have played a role in his decision not to finish his kit. I never saw a kit completed, the company having gone belly up soon after, but I did see one fly a few years later at an airshow held at the Bessemer Ala airport. It was the extensively modified jet version from the James Bond movie where they flew it through an open hangar. His flight didn't last very long because of the thirsty jet engine, but it was fast. If you build this model, consider lengthening the fuselage with a larger fin and rudder, maybe it will fly better than mine.
DougSmith : BD5 : 12/12/2016

Hello Mary and Steve, I have downloaded Vic Smeed's Mamselle and am going to build her as electric with a CF2822 and rudder and elevator. My original conversion to rudder only with throttle, about 30 years ago, ended in failure when she went into a spiral dive from about 100ft and ended up splattered. I built another Mamselle straight away but with elevator, and she was a real beaut. Made the wings in two halves so I could go flying with her when out on my motor bike. Must have some photos somewhere. Anyway, I have printed the formers on separate sheets so that I can paste straight on to the depron. I have put the plan through Posterazor and it comes out on 16 sheets with a 1" grid overlayed. I will stick the wing plan together separately from the fuselage so each part lines up properly. If I try to make one big plan like the Aeromodeller originals, alignment is always a problem for me.
MalcolmJ : Mamselle : 09/12/2016

The plane pictured is one I built from a copy of Scott's original sketches. Was able to fly it at a SMALL event in Little Rock, Arkansas as Scott flew his.
SteveStaples : Baby Boomer : 09/12/2016

If anyone out there has the original article pages to go with this drawing, that would be great. A photo would be fantastic, too.
SteveWMD : Flying Aces Sportster : 09/12/2016

Does anyone have build pics or a build thread on this plane?
Dan : Me 109 : 08/12/2016

I can confirm that a balance point of 4in back from the leading edge is what is shown on the magazine plan.
anon : Duellist MkII : 08/12/2016

Hi, Where are the wing ribs?
anon : Beech T-34 Mentor : 08/12/2016

Added a (vintage?) photo from Carlos AB [more pics 003].
Mary : Piper Tri Pacer : 07/12/2016

Here's a couple of photos of a Blue Pants I once owned. I didn't build it, but bought it from the model shop in Godalming. I fitted a Spanish ZOM 2.5cc diesel I had as it fitted the bolt spacing in the model and therefore avoided hacking into the front end. It flew OK until I tried the first loop at which point it came in on the lines and that was that.
ChrisPinn : Blue Pants : 07/12/2016

Antonio also sent us some great photos of his completed Burka Trainer [model photo & more pics 003-008].
Mary : Burka Trainer : 07/12/2016

This definitely builds into a really nice looking small field glider. I built one of these from a kit, believe it was by House of Balsa. I made a mistake of covering it all in transparent Monokote some 30 years ago. This model was designed to have its wing covered in lightweight silk or silkspan that is clear doped, balsa surfaces are clear doped too with dope color trim, which is light. The otherwise powerful Cox Tee Dee .020 had difficulty lifting it off the ground, even with the lighter weight Ace rudder only Pulse Commander system. It became a display, until broken in a move. Now I look back, I probably could have put a Baby Bee .049 and successfully flown it. Regarding comments on the spar, in the early 1960's, there wasn't any plastic iron on coverings. Covering of choice, silkspan or silk shrink drum tight, provided needed rigidity and strength. Knowing more now, with Monokote, I would have probably folded the wings flying on something more powerful like an .049 (even with the prop on backwards). The newer plastic coverings don't have that strength, hence the hardwood wing spar makes sense to beef up the structure. If I were to build again, I might consider a new lightweight tissue style synthetic covering like Polyspan / Coverite Coverlite or the new lightweight park flyer plastic covering like Coverite Microlite.
ghostler : Nomad : 07/12/2016

I think the article scan shows it as 4 inches back from the LE. But would be nice to have someone confirm that as correct. Strange it doesn't show on this plan.
SteveWMD : Duellist MkII : 07/12/2016

I can't find the distance from the wing leading edge to the CG but I can see that it was provided in the plans of the original magazine article; which, however is so dark that it can't be made out clearly! Do you have that info? Didn't want to use data from the other Duelist Plan # 5962 which was an earlier version and Platt said that he changed some of the parameters for the MK2, which could include the CG??. Thanks in advance.
NN : Duellist MkII : 07/12/2016

Added the missing article, thanks to Pit.
SteveWMD : Profile P-51 Mustang : 06/12/2016

Bearcat was built in June of this year 2016. I just noticed I never got around to sending you some photos of the finished airplane [more pics 003-005], however it's not power yet. I'm getting my graphics from Callie graphics in New Mexico, USA. It's on the opposite coast for me when I painted on some panel lines and rivets, and I'm happy the way came what you think?
anon : Grumman F8F Bearcat : 03/12/2016

JMP also sent us a scan of the original Chalange et Bonnet plan for the CB-28 glider. This will appear as a separate plan listing on OZ soon.
Mary : CB 28 : 02/12/2016

The CB-28 plan currently on Outerzone is a revised plan for RC adaptation by my good friend Jean Simon. His article is also attached, from MRA #669 (September 1995 issue). [See supplementary file]
JMP_blackfoot : CB 28 : 02/12/2016

Thanks Dave. According to the Jetex Hall of Fame entry for Del Gatto (, "Flying Models concluded their heart-felt tribute to Paul in these words: 'We will sincerely miss Paul's talents here at Flying Models, and to a still greater degree as a friend. We were proud to know this man. He was highly motivated toward all things aeronautical, creative, artistic, and full of laughter. May we express the sympathies of modelers from all lands to his [family]. This was a fine and clean-minded man, and by casting his teen-age children to this same high standard, he has fulfilled a high purpose here on earth.' "
Mary : Super Condor : 01/12/2016

The Super Condor plan appeared in the Dec-Jan 1965 issue of Flying Models. Sadly, it's the very same issue that noted the recent death of Paul Del Gatto on September 12, 1964 at the age of 39. And he had 4 kids, yet somehow he managed to publish, at the very least, 50 (but probably more like 100) model aircraft designs or articles.
dfritzke : Super Condor : 01/12/2016

Hi friends, I found this picture of Quaker Flash of Flyline models, 34 inchs, built with plans of Outerzone. Building with balsa and light plywood, covered with silkspan dope and paint. It's a beautiful vintage plane.
CarlosAB : Quaker Flash : 01/12/2016

Hello There! Just a brief note about my experiences with the Roy Scott BE2e. On the plan the indicated c/g position is just in front of the rear cabane strut. With the c/g in this position I have found the model to be extremely difficult to fly. I put up a post on RCU to benefit from the experience of others and if you click on the link below and scroll down to Post 15, you'll find a suggestion that the centre of gravity should be brought forward to a point 12.5 cms from the leading edge of the top wing, roughly atop the middle of the front cockpit: I am going to put some weight under the engine to bring the centre of gravity forward to the recommended position, either that or I will replace the existing engine with something heavier. I will report back my findings. Happy Landings
DavidDavis : RAF BE2e : 01/12/2016

If I remember right, this model was the last kit I ever built, sometime in the early '80s. As kits go, it was decent, nowhere near the perfection demonstrated by the Jensen 60 size Ugly Stik, but then nothing else was either. That's why Outerzone is such a pleasure, so many plans available for classics from years gone by, and I'm able to pick my wood instead of relying on the parts in the kit. I refuse to pay little Chinese fingers to do something I enjoy doing myself. I built my Sweet Stick upside down as a low winger with gear in the wing, a popular option at the time. A Super Tigre 46 pulled it just fine, one of the best engines I ever had, sorry I sold it with the plane. My brother was going to school at Auburn University at the time, and he mailed me two large tiger paw decals as a joke, knowing I was an Alabama fan. I called his bluff, sticking them down on the wingtips as insignia. Fuel would dissolve the water slide decals anywhere else, but they survived for years on the wing. Later, I enlarged the plans by 150% for a Webra Speed 61, flew every bit as well as the 40 version. Really a little too big for the Webra, the club member I sold the plane to installed an OS 90 which was what it needed all along. I did learn a valuable lesson with that larger model: Don't paint outside. I didn't have enough room to paint inside with a small spray gun, and so I waited until late in the afternoon to lay the wing on two sawhorses in the front yard, no wind by this time of day. Everything went fine as I sprayed a perfect coat of clear K&B epoxy on the wing top side, having coated the bottom the day before. While admiring my shiny handiwork, about 50 little black gnats made a carrier landing in wet epoxy, and that's where they stayed. Nothing left to do but let the whole sticky mess dry and sand the gnats out the next day. Another coat of K&B restored the shine but it never was quite as good as the first attempt. It's always something...
DougSmith : Sweet Stick 40 : 29/11/2016

Hi Mary. This is my KK Senator which I built in 1968 during my last year at the University of Southampton [more pics 004, 005].
ChrisPinn : Senator : 29/11/2016

This is my Graupner Cessna 150 that I converted to Round The Pole (RTP) flying in 1983 [more pics 004, 005].
ChrisPinn : Cessna 150 : 29/11/2016

Photo of completed Vantage model was found online (thanks Ray) at
SteveWMD : Vantage : 29/11/2016

Two more great pictures of Andy Coutts' Gypsy, courtesy of his talented wife, Lindsay [more pics 007-008].
Mary : Gypsy : 28/11/2016

Hi Mary - Was home this weekend and went flying with Lindsay on Saturday afternoon. Beaut weather for flying and Lindsay was able to take some photos. Please see attached bare bones of Mercury Marauder [more pics 004-008].
AndyCoutts : Marauder : 28/11/2016

The Custom Cavalier is a very rare model airplane because so few of them were built and received so little attention simply because of its size, 9 foot wingspan and possibly the fore runner of the twin tail shape that is so evident when three famous real airplanes display the same shape. They are: the Lockheed Super Constellation; the Lockheed P 38; the Aircoupe. Can anyone add to that?
EmilCost : Custom Cavalier 108 : 28/11/2016

Here are some photos from 1990 showing the maiden flight of my flying buddy Harald's Uproar [more pics 004-007]. The Uproar flew beautifully and this one went on for many years before an aileron servo failed just after take off and it rolled in to destruction. The young lad in the photo is my son Jonathan, now 44 years old, roughly the same age as I was when I took the photos! How time flies. Harald went on to build an Uplift oz6027 to replace the Uproar. Admittedly it was a nicer looking model, but it was a lot more work and really didn't fly appreciably better.
ChrisPinn : Uproar : 28/11/2016

Back in 1996 I built a Ford Trimotor from this plan, in Scadta's Livery, (later Avianca) [more pics 003-006]. Trimotors linked Colombian Andean cities at a time roads were rough. This particular model was second in stand-off scale local contest by that time. I enjoyed a lot building and flying it.
EnriqueAlvarado : Ford Trimotor : 28/11/2016

Steve and Mary, I just completed the Farman F. 400 from the Mike Nasisse plans on your site [model photo]. It is 16" span and weighs 12 grams. Thank you for your great site.
DavidWagner : Farman 400 : 28/11/2016

Stan Yeo is still designing and producing traditional kits under the name of Phoenix Model Products (UK) but Pedro is not among his current inventory. His site is full of down to earth advice and tips. Worth a visit. Regards,
Bill Newson : Pedro : 26/11/2016

Yesterday, after a Thanksgiving dinner with friends, I flew my Abe Bergman Zephyr, built from OZ plans, for them in their front yard under the street lamp. A new rubber motor gave the little model improved performance enough to outfly the boundaries of their small yard, flirting with trees and power lines One of them asked if I wanted to sell it. He wanted it for his son, which would have meant instant destruction. These days it's unusual to even witness a tiny model of this sort, nothing remotely similar available in hobby shops. Takeoffs from the driveway kept altitude under control. Only changes I made from the original 1936 design were a double prop bearing so I could add some downthrust and wheels laminated from two layers of 1/32" balsa. I used a 6" balsa prop with one loop of 1/8" rubber. Hand wound, the flight was good for two circles to the right, then a straight glide to a smooth wheel landing. Altitude was enough to get into danger from telephone lines. Doculam covering I used was too much for the lightweight structure, and so I pre-shrunk the film on a frame and just ironed it to the edges without more effort to shrink it tight, probably no heavier than tissue without dope. Reason for the Doculam covering was so I could fly it at night under the street lamp without fear of dew collecting on the tissue, causing it to warp like a Pringles potato chip. Guess how I know. The model was built a couple of years ago when I realized there was little activity in the Duck Works (my basement) because it was too chilly in the Winter. Yes it DOES get cold in Alabama. And so the UPSTAIRS AIRCRAFT ASSEMBLY AREA was born, an unused bedroom with a banquet table building board, Zephyr being the first model built. Only problem I've had is running up and down the stairs to get tools needed above. It's always something...
DougSmith : Zephyr : 26/11/2016

Hi Mary: Some photos of the maiden flight of BURKA II (45 years after having built the first one) [model photo & more pics 003-011]. I sent you a photo found later where you see how BURKA was sold in the Stores (Corte Ingles) Madrid [more pics 012]. This photo is from the Air Museum section of aeromodels.
AntonioRG : Burka II : 25/11/2016

Hi Steve; Just finishing a Mini Drake, from plans that I sent you a while back [model photo & more pics 003-005]. Some specs on the plane: It is covered in Ultra Cote. I will be using a Hitec radio. It came in at 22 oz., but I will still need to add 2 1/2 oz to the nose to make it balance. The motor is a Suppo 2208/1000 kv, with a 20 amp ESC driven by a 3 cell 850 Mah Nano-tech Lipo. The servos are HS-81's. I will be bench checking the static power (wattage) totals in a couple of days. The prop is a 3 blade, 9/5 pusher by Master propeller. Now, what can I build next?
BobKib : Mini Drake : 25/11/2016

The photos [model photo & more pics 003] are scans from 35 yo slides, taken at the time the model was built - my 23rd (aero)model, as the 'serial number' attests to! By then (1981) I had just started flying RC with an Orange Box oz7292 . Yes, it is on your database now, and what a pleasant surprise it was to see it 'enter' it! In fact, when it came up (remember, I take an Outerzone daily fix!) I passed a copy of your Orange Box files to all those that I knew at the time, some of them having built that same glider at the time (1980-81). Regarding the Bluebird, it is covered in Esaki tissue, a 'new fangled' tissue then - in Europe, I mean! I chose light blue for obvious reasons (BLUEbird!) with a little red, as I always did (and still do) to improve visibility. The fact that I did cut and paste the BLUEBIRD letters from the plan was not such a good idea after all ... as the printer toner was not *cellulose* proof... 😁 You can see the slight black/grey 'shadow' around the nose, that resulted from the dope application...
ArnaldoCorreia : Bluebird : 25/11/2016

In 1984 I travelled to Germany and found in the magazine FMT a review of the 50th anniversary, I send it for you if you consider it interesting to share [see supplementary file].
Antonio : Baby : 25/11/2016

Hi Mary; Thanks for OUTERZONE. The pilot is BUMBA, yes a strange pilot. I fly the Baronnet today, very windy day, but I fly good. [I googled Bumba, and discovered he is a clown character from Flemish children's TV. He gets up to all sorts of antics in the circus with his friends. I'm not sure if flying a plane has featured yet! Mary]
JulienVermeire : Baronnet : 25/11/2016

Thank you Julien. Who or what is the strange pilot?!
Mary : Baronnet : 25/11/2016

The Junior 60 has just spent 36 hours in the top of a tree. I went for a fly Monday evening and had one great flight. Should have gone home because it was getting late and I was tired. She went down in the trees to the north of the flying site, but due to the dense undergrowth I was not able to spot her. I hunted around until 16:30 hoping that I would get a rough indication of where she was when the battery alarm went off. I could not hear any noises operating the rudder and elevator. Unfortunately I could not remain to here the alarm as I had to be home by 16:35. My wife came the next morning with me to help search and we spotted the red fin and rudder sticking out of the top of a tree about 30 yards into the undergrowth. I had a pair of cutters and it took me about one and a half hours to punch through the brambles etc to the base of the tree where the Junior 60 was resting. It was an effort to get the ladder through and I finally ran out of steam and decided to go back this morning to finish getting her back. Daylight was 07:19, and it was a beautiful morning with the moon shining and the birds singing. It only took 20 minutes or so to release the Junior 60, and only had a couple of small punctures in the under wing surface. The battery was obviously a write off, and the battery alarm needs drying out. Good thing about Depron and modern coverings is you don't have to worry to much about rain if your model is lost out in the weather. She is all working OK now, and the weather looks flyable Saturday. I have ordered up 10 lost model piezo buzzers for 13 from Hong Kong. And the reason for losing the model in the first place? No one would be stupid enough to knowingly fly a model with a outrunner motor lead screw connection loose would they? Now replaced the terminal block with soldered bullet connectors. Hope you like the photograph. Very happy to have the Junior 60 back home again.
MalcolmJ : Junior 60 : 25/11/2016

Hi Steve, Pictures of Coin Foo built from plan 5265 [more pics 007-011]. I live at 8500ft ASL, she performed great on a Rimfire 200 motor, battery 2s 500 7.5volts, 8x4 propeller. Total weight 14oz. Great park flyer. My first flight after 20 years, now I am retired in the mountains of Colombia enjoying this great hobby again. Thanks for providing us for a great source of plans for our projects.
EnriqueAlvarado : Coin-Foo : 25/11/2016

Here are two photos of the Keil Kraft FW 190 I built in the 1980s for Round The Pole flying [more pics 003, 004]. The KK, Veron, Comet, Guillows etc small rubber scale models were perfect for conversion to RTP.
ChrisPinn : FW 190 : 25/11/2016

Hola Mary - you post a Gee Bee and I have it hanging in my workshop and I have a photo and once in a while I fly it ... I send it to you and so the plane 8199 will have a photo! [more pics 003] That plan was published in the sixties in the Spanish magazine Flaps and was one of the first models that my brother and I built then painted in red and silver. Photo to the gallery! Saludos.
AntonioRG : Gee Bee Z Sportster : 25/11/2016

Mary, I have finished restoring the original 1943 Berkeley Custom Cavalier. It now has the original twin rudders and stabilizer constructed from your Outerzone plans. The plane has been outfitted with the latest radio and brushless motor technology. I am 90 years old and have loved the hobby since I was about 8 years old when I got my first whiff of model airplane glue. (Just kidding about the glue.)
EmilCost : Custom Cavalier 108 : 25/11/2016

The cabines should be cut from 1/8" ply as the 1/16" is too flexible. I have built two of these in my early days of modelling, first with the constant chord foam wings. The second one was bashed into a Goshawk. The wing struts were a PITA.
PeterCary : All-Star Biplane : 24/11/2016

Hi Steve I've just checked with my plan, admittedly not downloaded but bought years ago from My Hobby Store or its predecessor, and my plan has only ten bays so adding the tips will give it a wingspan of about 66 inches. Karsten is right to say that Chris produced an updated Uproar in the 1990s but this model had strip ailerons and a fully sheeted wing. My plan features inset ailerons. It appears that the Uproar plan was available in two versions with different wingspans. Happy Landings. [David also sent us a photo of his Uproar, more pics 003]
DavidDavis : Uproar : 24/11/2016

I have built the Baronnet by Svenson [more pics 003]. I built it super light, only 560 gram fly ready. Thank you for the plan, that I had lost. 30-minute flight with 2200 battery 3 cells.
JulienVermeire : Baronnet : 24/11/2016

Good day, I send you my pictures of my last plane built with plans from Outerzone, the Box Fly 20 S powered by Saito .40 [more pics 003, 004]. It is a beautiful plane and very easy to fly. I have enjoyed building and flying this nice plane.
CarlosAB : Box Fly 20 S : 23/11/2016

Here are pics of my V- Stick [model photo & more pics 003-006]. Mit freundlichen Gruessen.
AndreasKoch : Victory Stick : 23/11/2016

Mary, Sorry it took so long. I think this will provide the needed information [see supplementary file]. Additional info: 1943 Cavalier 108 Custom Berkeley Models; Shows twin tail details (no mention of single tail); Supplement sheet shows twin engine option; Flying notes add warning about flying near coastline (wartime 1943).
DaveP : Custom Cavalier 108 : 23/11/2016

Here are two old photos of my Comet Vultee Vengeance which I converted to RTP (Round The Pole) [more pics 003, 004]. I painted it in the markings of U4-P which was one of the Vengeances my Dad flew when he was in 667 Squadron at RAF Gosport the end of 1944. My Dad told me that when they heard that the squadron was getting Vengeances, they were all somewhat concerned about flying this very large single engined American aircraft originally designed as a dive bomber. The squadron members went out to see the first six fly in and were more than impressed when out of each aircraft stepped a petite lady pilot of the ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary)!
ChrisPinn : Vultee Vengeance : 23/11/2016

Hola Mary! I see no photos for "La Gata". Two in my collection [model photo & more pics 004]. Saludos,
AntonioRG : La Gata : 23/11/2016

I guess this is a case where the kit would have included the horizontal stab and elevator ready formed, so there's was no need to show them (in plan view) for construction purposes. But if anyone out there can submit an outline tracing of the tail parts, that would be great. We'll add it as a supplement.
SteveWMD : Whipsaw : 23/11/2016

Hi Steve and Mary, Please find attached some pictures of my recently completed Spitfire, including a couple of progress shots [more pics 003-005]. I have a post on rcgroups if people were looking for more information about the build: Thanks for your amazing website!
Rocket_rodeo : Spitfire IX : 22/11/2016

No horizontal tail plan?
PhilB : Whipsaw : 22/11/2016

I recently completed a 'Heinkel Fighter' from the Comet plan on your site [more pics 003]. It is 20" span. It is actually a Heinkel 112, and I finished it in Spanish Civil war colors. Flies extremely well. Thanks for your great site.
DavidWagner : Heinkel Fighter : 22/11/2016

Hola Mary. These photos are from my last BABY built a few years ago and flown very often [more pics 013-015]. The photos are from April and put in flight by means of sandow.
AntonioRG : Baby : 22/11/2016

My Cardinal pictures are attached to this e-mail, to can add to the Outerzone plan page [more pics 008-010]. You can see my build thread here:
MehmetA : Cardinal : 22/11/2016

Added model pics thanks to uram9 from
SteveWMD : Piaggio FW P149D : 20/11/2016

That's great. I love the photo [004] that's shot at the same angle, the same composition as the original pic in the old article. That's great. That should be a new thing. Colour photos of new models that 'update' the original pic.
SteveWMD : Piper Cub : 19/11/2016

Hi Steve and Mary, I wanted to send you pictures of my J3 Cub [more pics 004-006]. Rather than sheet balsa construction I chose to go the stick and tissue route. A little longer to build but much lighter and I think, prettier. Thank you for all you are doing!
DaveBarber : Piper Cub : 18/11/2016

Looks like a knock off of a Super Condor? (same plan form and vert stab, different airfoil, minor changes to fuse, different wing structure).
LincolnRoss : Dani : 18/11/2016

With amazing speed, RFJ sent us the Flying Models article [see suppl. file]. Thanks Ray! He confirmed the plan is just the two sheets we already have.
Mary : Spirit of St. Louis : 17/11/2016

This is all we have for the Spirit of St Louis. Steve thinks it unlikely there were any more sheets. It would be nice to see the article that went with it, though. Does anyone out there have a copy they could scan and share with us?
Mary : Spirit of St. Louis : 16/11/2016

Is there an additional sheet to this plan giving fuselage cross sections? Because of the number of longerons it would make construction difficult. The rest of the plan looks straight forward.
TonyBenham : Spirit of St. Louis : 16/11/2016

Here are four additional photographs of Henry Struck's New Ruler [more pics 003-006], found at
alcalaino : New Ruler : 16/11/2016

Morning Steve and Mary, I lost my 36" Tomboy on Friday 4th November with a really stupid mistake. The weather forecast for the next few days was non too good, so I decided to have a fly while the weather was OK. The wind was a gentle southerly but overcast at about 1000 ft. I went to the Skull place and set up my fishing chair and sent her off for the first flight. Even though it was overcast their was some lift about and I had a very nice relaxing flight and brought her down for a battery change after 45 mins. I decided on the next flight to take her up to the cloud base and set off climbing steadily in to wind until she was in lift and I turned the motor off and put in some up elevator to slow her down a bit. I do not know how high she was, but she was not coming down and looked to be in steady lift and drifting back towards me. She drifted back to right overhead and had become a small dot, at which time I should have put her nose down and taken her back upwind. This is where stupidity set in, and as I had not yet reached the cloud base and was leaning right back in the chair and getting bad neck ache I decided to get out of the chair and turn round to keep going for the clouds. I got out of the chair, turned round and could no longer see her. Vanished. As she was in lift I expect that if she didn't come down in the Thames she must have ended up in Essex. Reminded me of the time I lost a Mamselle, when I launched her and knocked the battery switch off and watch her climbing gently into the blue to vanish over the far horizon. Got her back though after a couple of months when a farmer was harvesting his crop and spotted her just before his combine chewed her up. I was flying my K8 from Challock in Kent a few years ago, and I had always wanted to take a photo of a windmill just to the north of Canterbury. It was a very rough, 'blue' thermal day, and after an hour or so of getting bounced around I was thinking of going back to Challock and calling it a day. However some very big clouds started building up just north of Canterbury, so I decided to go and see if it was any better over there and, if not, then head for home. I went between two towering clouds in the clear and I could still see the ground OK. As I was flying alongside the base of one of the clouds I could see the water vapour being sucked in ahead of me, and as I could see through it OK just decided to carry on and fly through it. Nearly had a change of pants moment. Without any warning I was in the cloud. Dead smooth, the vario was off the scale but my piece of string on the cockpit canopy was vertical, and I realised I could keep a heading because the sun was illuminating one side of the cloud to the south, and the interior was much darker. I also had speed limiting airbrakes, so the accepted wisdom was if you lose control in cloud just open the airbrakes fully and wait until you come out of the bottom of the cloud. As it was I suddenly popped out of the cloud into the clear, but about 3,000 ft higher. Exhilerating stuff. It made me wonder if a similar thing had happened to Tomboy. Just sucked up into glider heaven. Any way I have completed another Tomboy fuselage, and almost completed another one. Got a 44" wing which just needs covering and I hope will handle the power of the CF2822 better than the 36" wing. Just off to fly the Junior 60 with my son. Not going to get neck ache anymore. Happy days,
MalcolmJ : Tomboy : 15/11/2016

Hello Steve and Mary, Here's my build of the Ugly Stik based on the Grid Leaks plans [more pics 009, 010]. I didn't follow the plan exactly as I used an electro setup. The 1/4" sides are replaced with 1/8" sides for example. I also used a D-box and webbing (with 1 mm balsa!) on the wing for greater stiffness and adopted some other building techniques, including making the tailpieces lighter. The outlines however are 100% Ugly Stik. I also included 2 degrees of motor incidence, no side thrust. Electro setup is a SK3 5045-450 kv motor, on 6S 3700 mAh LiPo with a 15x8 prop and with this setup it flies like a madman :) Weight is 2626 grams. Build report in Dutch can be found here: Thanks for Outerzone!
DriesNeyrinck : Das Ugly Stick : 15/11/2016

This plan was published in the French magazine "MVM" (Maquettes Volantes Magazine) issue 11, September October 1995. In the French article it is stated that the plane fly with an OS fs 20.
Vincent : Aeronca C-1 Scout : 15/11/2016

Just to let you know - this model came second in the 1/2A class of the 2016 CL British Team Racing Nationals.
StewartH : Weaver : 15/11/2016

In my carefree bachelor days (remember those?) I built a Caprice but never flew it until, after we were married, my wife expressed interest so, one Sunday morning, we took it over to a nearby pasture to try it out. Why are six-month pregnant ladies so reluctant to trot across a field towing a model glider?
Alan : Caprice : 15/11/2016

Fixed now.
SteveWMD : Super Sportster 20 : 13/11/2016

Even though the plan states this is an SBC-4, it is actually an SBC-3. The SBC-4 had a much bigger cowl not the taper found on the -3.
RalphKuenz : Curtiss Scout Bomber SBC-4 : 12/11/2016

The center of gravity is in the wrong position. It should be moved back about 60-70% of the wing chord. I recommend using hard wood for main spares, otherwise the wing will break very easily. A very interesting and beautiful model, but unsuitable for beginners.
anon : Dani : 12/11/2016

Please find attached an additional photograph [more pics 005] and a brochure of the trainer glider 'Escuela' [more pics 003 and supplementary file], both taken from Modelhob's 1991 catalogue.
alcalaino : Escuela : 10/11/2016

Here's a picture of my Sharkface done in the old Skyleader colours [more pics 007, 008].
RonBuckwell : Sharkface : 10/11/2016

Added a picture of Andy Coutts' Gypsy in flight [more pics 006].
Mary : Gypsy : 10/11/2016

Went flying with Lindsay on Saturday, foolishly towed up the Caprice without a DT fuse and watched it fly off into the distance. Gone - after twenty minutes it was a mere speck in the sky and I gave up watching. Lesson learnt. Time to build another. Here's my Caprice just before she sailed off into the distant blue yonder [more pics 016, 017]. Thanks again for such a treasure as Outerzone.
AndyCoutts : Caprice : 10/11/2016

Added more great photos from Andy Coutts [more pics 007-011]. Credit is due to his wife, Lindsay, for such fabulous shots!
Mary : Uranus : 10/11/2016

Hi Steve/Mary. Was home again on R and R this past weekend so was able to get some flying and photographs done. Please find attached bare bones of Carl Goldberg's Junior Skylark [more pics 011-014]. The plan was taken from Outerzone with thanks, and the most difficult part of this build was finding a canopy. Can see I will have to mold my own in future.
AndyCoutts : Jr Skylark : 10/11/2016

It's not a beginner level project but it is one of the easiest to fly sailplanes I have ever built. It's the one I use to introduce kids to flying.
Anon : Mistral : 07/11/2016

Hi Mary and Steve - My first Contender, built from plans published in American Aircraft Modeler (July 1970). Meteor 60 engine, Kraft radio, Madrid 1973-74 [more pics 003-005]. Greetings from Spain
JesusAbellan : Contender : 07/11/2016

Hi Steve, I have included some pictures of my KK Rover, built as per plan [more pics 003-005]. This model claims to be designed for the Mills 1.3 in particular, but requires the needle valve extension to protrude through the cabin windscreen. As well as being way over-powered the engine is tricky to fit and difficult to fill and choke when starting. A Mills.75 would be a much more suitable power-plant for a model of this size, or perhaps the good old ED Bee. The other modification worth making, would be to change the wing joiners to 3/16 dowels in aluminium or rolled paper tubes. Alternatively a one-piece wing would suffice. Having said that it's a great flyer and capable of some spectacular near vertical spiral climbs whilst remaining very stable, if the power is not throttled-back.
DickEdwards : Rover : 07/11/2016

After greatly enjoying the original 45" span kit provided by Pilot Models fitted with a Saito .30, a giant scale 90 inch version was built and fitted with an OS 40cc 4 stroke. The giant scale version weighs 20 lbs and at that is lightly loaded and flies very well. The build log and details of flight can be found on RC Groups:
AA5BY : Das Box Fly 20W : 07/11/2016

This is the Top Flite Dave Platt P-40 plan blown up to 120% for a 72" wing span [more pics 005].
MiltOchsner : P-40 Warhawk : 07/11/2016

in the Morane Scout directions there is a missing page of instructions...I believe pg 32 or 37..Important text regarding final construction
anon : Morane Scout : 07/11/2016

This is an interesting one. With some parts of the ribs missing, I am inclined to wait a while before starting work on cleaning up this plan, just in case anyone out there has a clearer scan to work on?
SteveWMD : RS Mosquito : 06/11/2016

Thanks to dfritzke, we've now got a copy of the Easy One plan here on Outerzone.
Mary : Viewpoint 1 : 04/11/2016

Thanks Dave, my original Easy One plan was long since lost. I had scaled it up from the magazine plan because I was too cheap to order the plans, which was a much bigger deal back then. There were no home computers, no internet, no credit cards, long distance telephone calls needed operator assistance. You couldn't even buy a telephone, had to lease it from Ma Bell. If you ordered anything by mail, you had to go to the Post Office for a money order and send it to wherever the plans were published, then a couple of weeks later they would arrive (hopefully). Model Airplane News had the best plan program. For 50 cents they would send a large sheet with your plans printed on both sides, folded to fit in a mailbox. I still have a couple of these that weren't cut up. My Easy One was built like the plans except I left off the bubble canopy, not available at our small hobby shop in a corner of Scarborough Drug Co. The plane flew well for its short life, especially after changing to a compound escapement which was easier to operate. Strangely, we had no concept of "learning to fly", you just took it out to the field and did it. Me and my buddy Al were in high school at the time and we both took advantage of the situation to write about our experience with R/C. Only "A" I ever received in that class. I might just build another Easy One, would make a good electric...
DougSmith : Easy One : 04/11/2016

Hi Andy. On the wing of the "unknown" glider is written "Bergfalke" from Hegi. Greetings from Austria.
Gerri : Viewpoint 2 : 04/11/2016

Hi there at Outerzone. This year at Oily Hand Diesel Day, hosted by Cowra MAC here in NSW, Australia the 'Apex MK14' was the model of the meet. I have included pics here of my build of the model [model photo] and a group photo of the twenty two models that turned up for the concours judging and fly off [more pics 004]. Of course everyone downloaded their plan from Outerzone. I would add that the Apex is a well mannered and great flying model. There were lots of comments about how ugly it is. But everyone who built one got over that as soon as they flew it. All flew straight off the board with minimal adjustment or fettling. For more info on Oily Hand go to
AndyLuckett : Apex Mk14 : 03/11/2016

Photos of completed scratch build of AR-1 [more pics 003-009].
EricRMetzdorff : AR-1 : 03/11/2016

Hi Mary and Steve, I'm sending you a photograph [more pics 004] with a pair of Playboys flying formation during a meeting of an active Spanish group devoted to Old Timers:
alcalaino : Playboy Senior : 02/11/2016

Hi, Mary and Steve. Today I'm sending you an article on the Goldberg Sailplane, which appeared in the Argentinian magazine Aeromodelismo, in its December 1949-January 1950 issue [see supplementary files]. The article headline reads: "Fulfilling our promise to present you the best in each category, today we offer with great pride the 'Cadillac of D Class', By Carl Goldberg" And then goes on: "Few models have become so famous around the world as Carl Goldberg's Sailplane, and we believe that a great many modellers are anxiously waiting for an opportunity to build it."
alcalaino : Goldberg Sailplane : 02/11/2016

Hi Mary/Steve. More vintage photos ... my father's Skylark [more pics 003, 004]. Merco 35 R/C Red Head engine, radio Controlaire. Madrid 1965.
JesusAbellan : Skylark (single) : 02/11/2016

Thank you Dave, that would be great. Are you able to scan the relevant parts of the plan and email them to us?
Mary : Custom Cavalier 108 : 02/11/2016

I have an original kit, with plans, that is from the '40s. It is unbuilt and as far as I can determine, complete. The plans are 3 or 4 large sheets. They are quite fragile from age. I will be willing to help.
DaveP : Custom Cavalier 108 : 02/11/2016

Note, outer wing rib is too short, and rear spar slot is in wrong place. I know, I've just built it.
anon : Nano Gnat : 01/11/2016

Hello from Czech Republic. I'm sending photos [more pics 007-010] and video of this model, plan from Outerzone. Engine MP-JET Cladic 0,6 diesel. Thanks for a great model plan.
PetrKnob : Lil Misery : 31/10/2016

Hi Mary/Steve. First of all, I want to thank you for the work that you are doing with Outerzone. I'd like to collaborate with some pictures of our aircraft. To begin with, I send you two pictures of the Sterling`s Wizard built by my father Jose Luis in 1967 [more pics 003, 004]. The radio is an Altair 10ch, made in Spain. Greetings from Spain,
JesusAbellan : Wizard : 31/10/2016

Photo of completed Week-end model was found online at
SteveWMD : Week-end : 31/10/2016

I had a brilliant hour with the Caprice in my local park yesterday. Wind was light and variable and the Caprice was in her element, just floating. The park is surrounded by trees with all their leaves still on them, so I had to be careful. I just set the trim for a left hand turn and let her climb gently and remain in the park boundary. once she was up a couple of hundred feet I cut the motor and she gently floated back to almost ground level before I gave her half throttle and away she climbed again. Very relaxing with the occasional 'nudge' to keep her from disappearing.
MalcolmJ : Caprice : 31/10/2016

I have just returned from the maiden flight of the Caprice and she flew like a dream. The Dartford bridge was shrouded in mist, with a very gentle westerly, about 4 mph. I gave her half throttle and she climbed gently away before almost vanishing in the low mist at about 200 ft. Gave her a bit of left trim to keep her turning, and throttled right back. Had a very pleasant half hour before the battery alarm went off and she came in for a very gentle 'greaser' of a landing. I had had to keep using the motor because of having to fly so low. I will be taking her out again early afternoon, and should be able to get a good 2 hour flight thermalling. The next 7 days are looking flyable for Dartford with low wind speeds and not much chance of rain. The Caprice is such a slow and gentle aeroplane that she will be ideal for my local park. Save taking the car, just an easy 2 minute walk away. I have bought a car video cam from ebay for 10 pounds, so I am going to try powering it from a 11.1 lipo, and mount it on my head to try to make some flying videos. The cat is looking at me through the front window, so I had better go and let her in. Happy days.
MalcolmJ : Caprice : 30/10/2016

Hello Steve, this is balogh from Budapest, Hungary. I am a COX Engine Forum member and have just completed the build on a beautiful classic model, the Cosmic Wind, for R/C use. You may want to see the post on CEF with some photos here:
balogh : Cosmic Wind : 28/10/2016

Good morning Mary, I just took a pic of the Caprice, all ready to fly Saturday morning when the wind speed drops [more pics 015]. Roll on Saturday, can't wait to see the Caprice flying.
MalcolmJ : Caprice : 28/10/2016

Photos from Control Line site in Toledo Spain in a meeting of trainers [more pics 003-006]. This model was constructed by Jesus Ortega.
AntonioRG : Chatterbox : 28/10/2016

Hi Doug, Thanks for the write up on early RC. Brought back many memories, including the first time I ever saw a radio controlled model glider at a place called 'The Coppice' which overlooked Accrington Stanley football ground in Lancashire, about 1958, when I was 10. I lived in Hollins Lane, about 3 miles walk from the Coppice, and had gone there to see if anyone from ELMAC (East Lancs Model Aircraft Culb) would be flying their models that day. All freeflight up to then, with the Dixielander as the favourite model. Hit the jackpot with my visit. A chap called John, whose dad ran our local corner shop, was at the Coppice, home on leave from University, and had with him a massive, brown paper covered glider, which seemed to me to be about 9 ft span, but next to it was a huge metal OXO tin can with an aerial about 9 ft long sticking out of it. Must have weighed a ton, and thinking back, it says a lot for John's determination to lug that lot up to the top of the Coppice. The model was single channel, rudder only and John was learning how to fly her as a slope soarer. John's pal Hoovey (Uwie ? German mum) did the launching and all was quite successful with 2 or 3 passes along the slope before successfully landing back on the top, and not way down at the bottom. John explained how it all worked, with his home made escapement and radio gear.... hence the OXO can from his dad's shop. The batteries must have cost a fortune. John showed me his workshop, which was the loft above his dad's shop. Pure magic. Just like Aladdin's cave to me with everywhere jam packed full of models, tools, saw dust and the smell of dope. Never to be forgotten.
MalcomJ : Viewpoint 1 : 26/10/2016

Hi Steve /Mary, here is a photo of a 1962 Veron Robot radio trainer I build from the Outerzone plan of the same [more pics 004]. It is a very nice to build classic British kit design and it flies well too. I was amazed at its slow gliding speed when landing, it must have been a good trainer at the time.
Anon : Robot : 25/10/2016

According to his plan article, Richard Evans' Ironmonger developed out of John Dixon's Warmonger. AntonioRG has sent these two photos of the Warmonger [more pics 003, 004] and as we don't have that plan on OZ, I thought I'd share them here.
Mary : Ironmonger FAI : 25/10/2016

Added three great photos of the Phantom [more pics 003-005] thanks to AntonioRG.
Mary : Phantom MK2 : 25/10/2016

Thanks a heap for making this plan available for download. This was a model I passed over in favour of a Warlord when I was a kid but have always thought to build it one day. Seeing it on Outerzone gave me the impetus to get cracking on it. I have attached several photos of the completed model for your use [more pics 003-005] and the build is documented here: It's powered by a PAW 19 TBR-G diesel and it flies great. Many thanks for making such plans available for us.
TonyLeong : Early Bird : 24/10/2016

Dear Steve! Just wanted to share my Graupner Topsy built from the plan on your site [more pics 013]. Had not built a balsa plane for decades and the experience was good fun. I used paper tissue and dope for covering and tried to keep the original colour scheme. It is electric powered and even has FPV equipment on board (woo-hoo!), still struggling to get the COG correct. Thank you very much for your great site! Have a nice day,
Cyburgs : Topsy : 24/10/2016

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