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Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download these plans.

You can view model plans by category tag (like say free flight, control line, radio control, scale, rubber, etc...) using the browse plans pages. Use the list all page for a full A-Z text listing. There is a simple keyword search on the search page (also above). We have an advanced search page for extra fun. There is also an experimental area called the TagMatrix where you view all the plans that match your own chosen combination of tags (and wingspan and year of origin).

For a quick visual fix, you can page through the latest plan thumbnails added or the latest model pics added, at 75 pics per page.

Outerzone was designed to be maintained and updated by volunteers called Site admins who get involved but (perhaps predictably) it hasn't ever really worked out that way. So with the exception of a few good people who have helped out here in the past (see below) at the moment it's essentially just me. See the FAQ page for more details on how this site works, and why.

Outerzone is also (I hope) a secure repository for vintage model aircraft plans that may have historical significance.


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Outerzone Contributor Roll of Honour

I want to list the names here of some people who have helped out directly with Outerzone:

aeromeddler, bobfripp, chukychez, derickscott, dfritzke, erikjohnson, flyerflorio, haydon55, hogal, hkarlson, jj, johnosullivan, keven64, lincoln, mikenelson, mikestuart, mjh, monique, mooney_driver, patrickurbain, stickman, stormin, theshadow, vintage1, vloustalot

Did I miss your name? Then I'm sorry. Let me know.

As far as scanning and posting plans on the RCGroups thread, there are just too many names to mention them all.. but here are a few:

30560, 50+airyears, algy2, avernon, bobkeller, bjrn, cougdave, daddyrabbit1954, danito69, dplumpe, geew, generock, gthunter, haydon55, hlsat, irish_lord99, jmp_blackfoot, jpm, ka-6br, kenny_e, locktite401, modelholic, nibor, orange&white, pd1, perttime, planeman, ralphb, ratracer, rchopper56, rfj, scaleviews, spockangel, srfalcon, starcad, tri-pacer, wtool



Click here to see VinPlanDex - the online index of RCGroups vintage plans thread 1265873. Complete with search facility.

What is the difference between Outerzone and VinPlanDex? Well...

VinPlanDex is is an exhaustive and complete index of every plan that has ever been posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread.

In comparison Outerzone is a slightly random collection of plans in PDF format. Outerzone does not include all the plans posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread. At a guess, only about 80%. Some plans on here are not from that thread. Also, some are direct submissions.

That link again: VinPlanDex


Hells Belle - Random photo - 1675 SE-5 - Random plan - 1290
Ford Flivver - Latest plan - 6193 Blohm und Voss BV P.215 - Random photo - 2642

Latest 50 plans added to the listing:

Ford Flivver - Dereck Woodward - 50in IC R/C
Bloop - Bill Hutchison - 18in Jet C/L
Piper Cub Cruiser - Vito M Garofalo - 30in...
Harbinger - NP Ingersoll - 72in Glider F/F
Handley Page 115 - Bill Hannan - 6in Glider F/F
Saab 37 Viggen - Nick Ziroli - 32in Scale IC...
Porterfield Collegiate - Robert Boucher - 70in...
Cadet - Gene Rogers - 62in IC R/C
Deltik - Peter Tribe - 20in IC F/F
Equaliser - Stuart Foster - 58in IC R/C
Marut - Ron Adams - 68in IC C/L
Canadair CL-215 - Steve Gray - 76in Scale IC...
Aerotique - George F Jennings - 58in IC R/C
Bucker Jungmeister - Gordon Whitehead - 41in...
Radio Princess - Dave McDowell - 56in IC R/C
Skyraider - George Dawe, Frank Allen - 39in...
Ultra-Sport 60 - Jim Feldmann - 62in IC R/C
Bokkie II - Martin Irvine - 45in IC R/C
Mistral - Brian Lewis - 24in Rubber F/F
Gee Bee Racer - JT Holmes - 24in Scale IC C/L
Fly-Rod - D Beach - 46in IC F/F
Channy - Leon Janssens - 46in IC R/C
Pitts S1-S - Mike Smart - 69in Scale IC R/C
Sikorsky S-39 - Bob Rich - 76in Scale IC R/C
Spitfire - Walt Musciano - 46in Scale IC C/L
RC Parachutist - Konrad Riggenmann Glider R/C
F/A-18 Hornet - Mike Pastro - 43in Scale IC R/C
Fleet Model 1 - Bill King - 63in Scale IC R/C
Flanger Mk III - Larry Conover - 19in Glider...
Christen Eagle - Pavel Fencl - 62in Scale IC...
Fairchild Trainer - 20in Scale Rubber F/F
Hawker Typhoon - Marc Sharpe - 68in Scale IC...
Pietenpol Air Camper - Gene Wallock - 85in...
Corkscrew 80 - Jerry Shape - 80in IC R/C
Klubbens - Kare Schanche - 78in Glider R/C
Kwik-Stik I - George Chabot - 60in IC R/C
Cessna AGwagon - Larry Kruse - 50in Scale IC...
Valkyrie - Carl Goldberg - 118in IC F/F
Falcon 56 Mk II - Carl Goldberg - 56in IC R/C
Pikolo - Hoh Fang-Chiun - 49in IC R/C
PBY Catalina - Bud Chappell - 67in Scale IC R/C
Fairchild 24K - Paul Delgatto - 28in Scale IC...
Delta-Too - AW Leftwich - 36in IC R/C
Dancer - Ed Elasick - 14in IC C/L
Great All American Backyard Canard - Randy...
Teenie Genie - Roy Clough - 16in IC C/L
Pulga - J Carlos Sanchez Domenech - 36in IC R/C
Tlush Mite - Frank Tlush - 50in IC F/F
Rearwin Speedster - Len Goldberg - 48in Scale...
Das Mini Stik - Loren Dietrich - 36in IC R/C

Or see here the latest 75 plan thumbnails added.


User Comments
- latest entries:

Hi Steve, Here are a couple of photos of my Wattsname I built back in the early 80's [see more pics 004, 005]. In the late 70's Vauxhall Motors (Luton) kindly allowed us to fly RTP evenings in the canteen which was huge, so we had the...
ChrisPinn : Wattsname : 21/12/2014

Hello Steve, After a couple of months of searching the interwebs, I was fortunate to make the aquaintance of a gentleman in Florida, USA that was kind enough to post me the original magazine article for the Miss Kat Brat P51. This is a...
MarkSanders : Miss Kat Brat : 21/12/2014

For purposes of marking this model, there is an excellent photo of the underside of the HP 115 in the 4 June 1964 Flight International magazine, located here DavidTerrell : Handley Page 115 : 19/12/2014

Hi Steve, W5 and W4 are not the same thing. I drew up what W4 should be and scanned it - here it is [supplement file]... W4 looks like it might be 1/32” plywood.
Jay : Sirocco : 17/12/2014

Hi Steve, This appears to be a 3/4 size version of the Sirocco by the same company (Plan ID = 6077 : Sirocco) which has the print wood scans attached.
Jay : Mistral : 17/12/2014

Hi Steve, I made one of these Kaman Helicopters, probably about 1971/2. However, I recall that I must have made it too heavy. I see that the article says 11 ounces, 312 grams, maximum. I remember flying mine very clearly, as it would just...
VinceDay : Kaman Helicopter : 12/12/2014

I first learned to fly at the Bean Field, then at Bluff Cove, one of the best spots in So Cal. My friend had a Wanderer and I had an Astro Flight Malibu. I rebuilt that plane several times. I wish I had a plan for the Malibu nowadays.
Chris : Wanderer : 09/12/2014

Had one of these when I was 13 years old, but never flew it R/C. Recently got back into flying and found the landing gear in my parts box and decided to build another, this time with electric power. It turned out to be a sweet little...
OldBogey : Schoolboy : 09/12/2014

This looks like the same wing and tail surfaces as the Cloud Buster (kit #4401).
GregH : Meteor : 09/12/2014

Hello Steve, Enclosed you will find a few pictures of my completed Keil Kraft Cub. I am a regular visitor of Outerzone and love browsing through the old plans. Thank you for your work! Cheers,
JuergMueller : Cub : 08/12/2014

Hi, Steve. Here’s a photo of a friend’s Wanderer taken in 1977, from the hill where we spent our teenage years [see more pics 003]. Our neighborhood in southern California had not yet been fully developed, and every day after school you...
Moeregaard : Wanderer : 08/12/2014

hi steve, i built the am duration in 1976 , from the original 50s plan. it performed admiably, and was flown to death over the long hot summer we had that year, it flew superbly right off the board. after building many keilcraft and veron...
Ed : New AM Cabin Duration : 01/12/2014

...more comments



Updates - latest changes/news:

19/12/2014 : General News : Very busy here just now. My apologies if you are waiting on an update, or indeed an e-mail reply. Too much to do and no time.

16/12/2014 : PlanID=3423 : Grey Ghost by Larry Scarinzi from Flying Models : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to dfritzke.

14/12/2014 : PlanID=202 : Thermal Thumber by Maurice Bryceland from Model Builder : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to theshadow.

12/12/2014 : PlanID=2093 : Bird of Time by Dave Thornburg from RCMplans : Replaced this plan with a clearer version, thanks to theshadow. Also added an alternate version as a supplement (another good clean scan) thanks to Thermaler.

11/12/2014 : General News : Sigh. Just so we are all up to speed with this kind of thing... If you email me for help, but then my reply bounces back due to, say, your Earthlink spamblocker settings, with the message 'I allow only approved senders. Do not resend your message.' I am not going to start filling in forms just so I can try and help you out. I am going to stop at that point and get back to doing something more useful.

09/12/2014 : PlanID=186 : Stinson Senior Trainer by Jesse Davidson, Harry Appel from Model Builder : Replaced this plan with a better copy at full-size, thanks to theshadow.

09/12/2014 : General News : Have changed the way DWG files are held on the site. Since the server move there have been some issues, so all files that were previously linked to as .dwg downloads have now been zipped up and are linked to as .zip downloads. Thanks to GlennW for help with this. Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

02/12/2014 : PlanID=3321 : Yeeha by Harry English from Flying Models : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to JJ.

29/11/2014 : General News : Made some minor changes to the site template (grey page background, less of the murky green areas). Changed the page header, added new Outerzone logo.

23/11/2014 : PlanID=3037 : Delta Diamond by Ed Erfurth : Doh. Replaced this with correct planfile now.

22/11/2014 : PlanID=1733 : Chatterbox by Vic Smeed from Aeromodeller : Added supplement version of this plan in PDFvector format, thanks to hogal.

22/11/2014 : PlanID=175 : Winnie Mae from Comet : Added printwood scan, thanks to Tom.

21/11/2014 : PlanID=519 : Jolly Roger by Larry Scarinzi : Replaced with correct planfile now.

21/11/2014 : PlanID=6126 : Super Quaker from Megow : Doh. Replaced this with correct planfile, now.

21/11/2014 : General News : Nice to wake up in the morning and find the website is still up and running. Here's hoping the new hosting continues in this uncommonly reliable fashion. Touchwood.

20/11/2014 : General News : Ok, Outerzone is back online now, after some very bad days of complete downtime. Site has been transferred across to a new hosting company, and everything should (yeah, really) be working ok now, maybe even a tiny bit faster. We can all wait and see how the next few days pan out, but frankly it coudn't be much worse than the last few. Fingers crossed. Oh, if you come across something I broke, or something I missed, email me. Thanks, Steve.