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Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download these plans.

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Outerzone was designed to be maintained and updated by volunteers called Site admins who get involved but (perhaps predictably) it hasn't ever really worked out that way. So with the exception of a few good people who have helped out here in the past (see below) at the moment it's essentially just me. See the FAQ page for more details on how this site works, and why.

Outerzone is also (I hope) a secure repository for vintage model aircraft plans that may have historical significance.


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Outerzone Contributor Roll of Honour

I want to list the names here of some people who have helped out directly with Outerzone:

aeromeddler, bobfripp, chukychez, derickscott, dfritzke, erikjohnson, flyerflorio, haydon55, hogal, hkarlson, jj, johnosullivan, keven64, lincoln, mikenelson, mikestuart, mjh, monique, mooney_driver, patrickurbain, stickman, stormin, theshadow, vintage1, vloustalot

Did I miss your name? Then I'm sorry. Let me know.

As far as scanning and posting plans on the RCGroups thread, there are just too many names to mention them all.. but here are a few:

30560, 50+airyears, algy2, avernon, bobkeller, bjrn, cougdave, daddyrabbit1954, danito69, dplumpe, geew, generock, gthunter, haydon55, hlsat, irish_lord99, jmp_blackfoot, jpm, ka-6br, kenny_e, locktite401, modelholic, nibor, orange&white, pd1, perttime, planeman, ralphb, ratracer, rchopper56, rfj, scaleviews, spockangel, srfalcon, starcad, tri-pacer, wtool



Click here to see VinPlanDex - the online index of RCGroups vintage plans thread 1265873. Complete with search facility.

What is the difference between Outerzone and VinPlanDex? Well...

VinPlanDex is is an exhaustive and complete index of every plan that has ever been posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread.

In comparison Outerzone is a slightly random collection of plans in PDF format. Outerzone does not include all the plans posted on the Vintage & Old-Timer Plans thread. At a guess, only about 80%. Some plans on here are not from that thread. Also, some are direct submissions.

That link again: VinPlanDex


Fred - Random photo - 1092 IAR-14 Pursuit - Random plan - 2793
Fairchild F-24-H - Latest plan - 5960 Eagle I - Random photo - 606

Latest 50 plans added to the listing:

Fairchild F-24-H - Robert Lopshire - 92in Scale...
Sabre Hawk IV - Ed Izzo - 70in IC R/C
Strikemaster - Jim Newman - 55in IC R/C
Super Sportster 90/120 - Jim Feldmann, Don...
Sun Ray - Jack Scarbrough - 51in IC R/C Biplane
Jetster 20 - 48in IC R/C
Speed Bug - Frank Ehling - 9in IC C/L
Curtiss JN-4D Jenny - Dick Ealy - 43in Scale IC...
Executioner Mk 4 - John O'Sullivan - 49in
Minifex 2M - John O'Sullivan - 79in Glider R/C
Sagitta 900 - Lee Renaud - 99in Glider R/C
Phantom I - Bob Klineyoung - 66in
Feather Merchant - AE Lehmberg - 46in IC F/F...
SD-500 MkII - Val Ure - 52in IC R/C
Frog Interceptor Mk4X - Gordon Whitehead - 46in...
Fieseler Fi 156 Storch - 95in Scale IC R/C...
Windsong - Owen Kampen - 74in Glider R/C
Voyageur II - Terry Blake - 85in Glider R/C
Schweizer 1-30 - Don McGovern - 40in Scale IC...
Mills Bomb - David Boddington - 35in IC R/C
F-100D Super Sabre - Art Johnson - 56in Scale...
Minimousetang - Ken Willard - 36in
Starfire - Bill Evans - 32in IC C/L
Seversky P-35 - Art Johnson - 87in Scale IC R/C...
Christen Husky - David Boddington - 53in Scale...
Curtiss JN-4D Jenny - 44in Scale IC C/L Biplane
DH Puss Moth - Peter Holland - 42in Scale IC...
Mach 8 - Joe Utasi - 49in IC R/C
Double Feature - Ken Willard - 31in IC R/C...
PC-9 - Bill Watson - 7in Rubber F/F
Fokker D.XXI - Ed Miller - 36in Scale IC R/C...
Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk - Gordon Whitehead -...
Cheechako - Larry Renger - 10in Glider F/F
Douglas XTB2D-1 Skypirate - Claude McCullough -...
Focke-Wulf Ta-154-A1 - Franz Meier - 70in Scale...
Gee Bee Z - Vern Clements - 46in Scale IC C/L...
Puffin - Kevin Flynn - 58in IC R/C
Cessna Skylane 62 - Carl Goldberg - 62in Scale...
Nesmith Cougar - Robert Buenzly - 38in Scale IC...
Aeronca C-3 - George W Noreen - 72in Scale IC...
Wind Puff - Leon Janssens - 56in IC R/C
Blue Angel 20 - 48in IC R/C
Nieuport 17-C1 - 27in Scale IC C/L Biplane...
Britten-Norman Islander - Bud Chappell - 60in...
Yellow Electrician - Joe Beshar - 45in Electric...
Badger - Hi Johnson - 72in IC F/F
Avro 504K - Gordon Whitehead - 48in Scale IC...
Supermarine S.5 - Gary Flandro - 40in Scale IC...
Bede BD-8 - Walt Mooney - 13in Scale Rubber F/F...
Vans RV-3 - Fred Reese - 40in Scale IC R/C...

Or see here the latest 75 plan thumbnails added.


User Comments
- latest entries:

Thank to Pit for clarification, Dick Ealy was the designer of this one.
SteveWMD : Curtiss JN-4D Jenny : 21/09/2014

I remember getting the Mk V for my birthday – but never was allowed out to fly it because it ‘was too expensive and I might break it’. LOL. If memory serves, this was the ‘Frog Fighter Mk V’ and it had a geared winder built into the box...
Daithi : Frog Interceptor Mk4X : 20/09/2014

Photo of completed Sagitta model was found online at http://waywally.com/rc/sailplane/older_photos.htm
SteveWMD : Sagitta 900 : 20/09/2014

Photo of completed Storch model was found online at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/alanet.marshall1/RC-page/rcpage.htm
SteveWMD : Fieseler Fi 156 Storch : 20/09/2014

I spent about 5 hours cleaning this one up.
SteveWMD : Starfire : 20/09/2014

Thanks. Not sure I need a spell checker. I have you.
SteveWMD : Bucks Duck : 19/09/2014

In the plan details it has an incredibly string nose, should that not be strong? Always check your spell checker.
Nameless : Bucks Duck : 19/09/2014

Fixed the listing for this one, thanks.
SteveWMD : Focke-Wulf Ta-154-A1 : 19/09/2014

Hi Steve, Mr Meier is from Switzerland. His first name is not Frank but Franz. The German Mosquito plan is one of his Best... Great for electric power conversion... Regards,
Pascal : Focke-Wulf Ta-154-A1 : 19/09/2014

Hi Steve - Totally shocked – I went to look at a gent's 'hangar sale' today and he had one of these in good shape on top of the pile. I had just seen the design in Outerzone a couple of days ago – what are the odds of that happening? It’s...
PGregory : Rotoriser : 17/09/2014

Good point. Does anyone out there want to volunteer and draw up a top view and some formers?
SteveWMD : Fokker D7 : 17/09/2014

The fuselage formers are missing and without a top view they are hard to interpolate. Two front views with the cabanes help but would leave "most" modellers at a loss to complete the model. I am very experienced at building from less that...
Nameless : Fokker D7 : 17/09/2014

...more comments



Updates - latest changes/news:

20/09/2014 : General News : It is very busy here, just now. Too many plans, too many plans...

14/09/2014 : PlanID=5907 : Aeronca K by Rolfe Gregory : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to RogerC.

14/09/2014 : PlanID=5901 : DeHavilland Tiger Moth by Y Matsumoto from OK Model Pilot : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, shows full fuselage.

10/09/2014 : PlanID=5544 : Bar-Fli by Phil Kraft from Model Airplane News : Replaced this plan with a much clearer copy, thanks to bulldogdrummond.

10/09/2014 : PlanID=5581 : Small Wonder by GF Jennings from RCM : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (scanned from a full-size plan), thanks to AusterPilot.

09/09/2014 : PlanID=5851 : Sinbad Supreme by Larry Sward from RCM : Fixed the scaling on this plan to fullsize, thanks to rhewert.

09/09/2014 : PlanID=5890 : Space Shuttle by Parker Leung from RCM : Replaced this plan with a re-edited copy, thanks to nameless who pointed out the vertical scan fault.

04/09/2014 : General News : Things have suddenly got very busy round here, this week. Apologies to anyone awaiting a reply. By all means keep sending plans in, I will just stack them up until I have time to check through and list them all.

02/09/2014 : General News : Anyone who has a comcast.net email address - be aware that I cannot reply to any of your emails as Comcast bounce everything back. Albert Robinson: Hi Al, Thanks for the kind words. The model you wanted to identify is the Contestant by Frank Zaic - http://www.outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=1834 Good luck and happy landings to you, Steve

01/09/2014 : PlanID=787 : Fokker D8 from Keil Kraft : Resized this plan to correct scale at 16in wingspan, thanks to Howard.

31/08/2014 : PlanID=5779 : Buttercup by Fred Reese from Model Aviation : Replaced this plan (the bitmap plan, that is) with a clearer copy at 600dpi, thanks to rchopper56.

28/08/2014 : PlanID=5793 : Benzinmotorflugmodel K3 from Modelflug : Have revised page 1 of this plan, now includes full parts list and all dimensions, thanks to jo.

21/08/2014 : PlanID=328 : Fairchild PT-19 by Earl Stahl from Model Builder : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy at correct scale, thanks to JJ.

21/08/2014 : PlanID=4557 : Shark 45 by Lew McFarland from Jetco : Replaced rib patterns file with a clearer version on one sheet, thanks to Min Min Man.

19/08/2014 : PlanID=5779 : Buttercup by Fred Reese from Model Aviation : Added an excellent supplement modern CAD re-drawn version of this plan, in PDFvector format, thanks to hogal.

13/08/2014 : PlanID=1362 : Fairey Gannet from Keil Kraft : Adjusted scale of the printwood file to match the plan, thanks to jandkaye.